Missing Series Premiere Review: Seeking Her Son

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Fans of Ashley Judd know she's made a great career by running... and jumping... and shooting.... and screaming. Basically, all things action. So Missing makes for an ideal comeback vehicle, following five years away from the acting game.

In the series premiere we are introduced to retired CIA agent Rebecca Winstone. She is an overprotective mother who apprehensively allows her only child, Michael, to enroll in architecture school in Rome.

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To understand what makes Rebecca tick, the show opened with an incident 10 years prior in which her husband, Paul, was assassinated in front of their child. It's later referenced that she retired from the CIA as a result. Paul and Michael were in Vienna at the time so obviously Becca would be even more afraid to allow Michael to study abroad in Europe.

There's also the fact that she and Paul were both operatives and obviously know the ins and outs and safety statistics. The opening scenes felt somewhat foreboding; we were clearly on the verge of something devastating. Did it seem to you that Paul probably knew he was in danger and purposely left the soccer ball inside so he could send Michael to retrieve it?

I can only imagine how traumatizing it be for one to be on the phone with one's young son as he watches his father's car blow up. Becca may have been distancing herself from a life with the CIA, but can you ever bounce back from such a tragedy?

Even though everyone was aware that the premise of the show is a CIA agent searching for her abducted son, there were a lot of little things that hinted to us that something ominous was ahead. For instance, the code Michael created to say "I love you" to his mother was obviously the type of code he could use to let her know he was in danger without alerting anyone else.

Becca thought Michael didn't know she was in the agency, but it's pretty clear he must've been somewhat clued in. He knew she would look for her and not just in a way that any mother who loves her child would look for her son. 

Becca has some pretty kick ass skills for someone who's been retired from for a decade. This was duly noted by Agent Dax Miller (Cliff Curtis.) He started off as part of the bureaucracy that wanted to bring her in, but I think he will be somewhat of an ally. He clearly knows he's a bit out of his league, considering it took multiple people to bring down one retired agent. But, as he said so perfectly: "The thinner the file, the better the agent."

Giancarlo, meanwhile, wasn't surprised by Becca's skill, but these two have some sort of history that we will hopefully learn more about over time. We rounded out the episode with Becca's discovery of the photos that indicated Michael was not a random target, but rather had been staked out for years. Is he merely a pawn to get to Becca? Is this related to his father's death?

All I know is there's a lot of backstory to uncover and I'm looking forward to understanding just why Becca hates the CIA so much. Missing definitely has me interested and I believe there's a lot of potential here. How about you? Will you tune in for episode two?


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Should be good. I'm sure there will be a conspiracy involved at one point. We never saw the husband die, he will be back.


I enjoyed it - it had some twists and turns. And, for someone not "working" for 10 years (other than jogging) she was in really excellent shape. But I agree with Ashland who said that if the entire premise of the show will be her looking for her son, it'll be very old, very fast. For now, one week at a time. I'll keep watching to see what happens. I like Cliff Curtis - he seems to like playing cops/agents - wonder if he'll still be popping in on Body of Proof?


loved it. can't wait for next week.


I like the show...in the first 15 minutes no less then 5 people died...as for leaving the soccer ball?...I can't help but think perhaps her husband did not die in that car. Too many of those pictures she found was of Micheal looking directly at the camera...just as a child would do for a parent. Can't wait for next week to get here....


I know I will get bored with the show if she is going to be looking for her son and feeling there will be no resolution until the finale of the show. However, if she rescued him and decided to rejoined the agency, or if he were killed and she went rogue for revenge, I think that could hold my interest. But, I doubt I will watch week after week of just her hunting for her son. That will get old quick.


.....oh yes, good to see the actor Curtis (remember Rabbitt?....liked that show too) good actor too.


This is a great show! Ashley Judd is a great actress - kick a$$ character-I'm hooked!


Ashley Judd is BADASS!! I loved the pilot and will definitely be watching. As far as the whole soccer ball thing - definitely a coincidence imo. If he thought something was going to happen in the car - wouldn't Dad have removed himself from the vehicle as well?


I read that they actually were traveling the world to film this. If so someone has some big bucks to gamble on show that might not make it. Is good to see "Rabbit" (Curtis) back. Is fine actor and anxious to see what they do with Carridine. I can see this running out of story line really quick but will watch again.


I like Ashley so I'll watch anything she's in. I'm thinking there's so much going on you really have to just watch every minute of it or something will be missed. Hope they show the pilot again so I can see the parts I missed. The show was good and I'll be tuning in next week.

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Missing Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

She's somebody's daughter. She got killed for talking to me.


The thinner the file, the better the agent.

Agent Miller