Modern Family Review: Cam's 10th Birthday

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It's hard to plan a surprise party, especially if it's for someone as high strung and dramatic as Cam. And this is before considering that Cam is a Leap Day baby. Oh, yes, the pressure was definitely on for Mitchell in "Leap Day."

The episode was like a ball of tension, under a weight of pressure, occurring during the time of the month for three feisty women. Or Satan's trifecta, according to Phil. Since the combined levels of screaming between Claire, Haley and Alex have left me with residual anxiety, I would say that Phil was pretty accurate.

Angry Gloria

PMS is no laughing matter and neither is the commercial the girls were crying to! Hands down the most realistic part of the episode was hearing the abused animal commercial set to the Sarah McLaughlin song that seems to be on a loop on E!. My eyes almost started welling up when I heard that playing. 

Back to Satan's trifecta: it helps that Phil is a sensitive guy, but he doesn't exactly have the strongest backbone. He is totally terrified of Claire. How solemn did he sound when he said "the day I most dreaded had fallen on the day I most loved." Did anyone else picture him with a British accent speaking the opening monologue of dramatic period piece? No pun intended.

Meanwhile, over at Cam and Mitchell's place, Mitchell was freaking out trying to plan the best 10/40th birthday party for Cam ever. I gotta say, the only thing I love more than a surprise party is a theme party, so Mitchell's idea was my dream. And it was Wizard of Oz!

I know Cam was upset about the tornado in his hometown, but I honestly still think he would have loved it. The movie is about far more than a tornado. It's about a dream, a fantasy - and a million other interpretations - and all Cam wanted to do was be a kid and have a 10-year old birthday party. There's no place like Oz for that. 

Then again, if a life with conflict means watching Gloria punch out a boat captain for calling Jay a grandpa, well... that was pretty darn entertaining. Especially when she shouted "Nobody calls him a grandpa" and a perplexed Luke stated: I do. Leave it to Luke to break up any conflict with an unintentional laugh.

In the end, everyone just needed to have a little fun. Maybe the best way to escape the tension is to escape back to childhood for a little bit. Go on a few rides, learn to trapeze, play a little whack a mole and some good old fashioned carnival games. After all, it doesn't really matter what you do as long as you're with the ones you love. Happy 10th birthday Cam!!!


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I was giggling all the way through but completely LOST IT on "monstruating". Dair is right: the glue that makes this show work so well is the constant backdrop of genuine affection among all of the characters.

Dair for ever

I loved it! Witty, silly, madcap and above all with the affection that's alive in every Modern Family episode...


Ugh that was the most hilarious episode I'd seen in a while! I mean every episode has me laughing, but I was cracking up a lot in this one. The pms storyline was just amazing. And the aspca commercial? How realistic was that? lol I love this show!


I thought this episode was perfection! I was constantly laughing! Reminds me of the great season 1 episodes. I wish Manny would lighten up a little bit. Come on kid, last episode you just drove a car forward and BACKWARDS and you are afraid to go swing on a swing that has a net under it?
I agree most shows never talk about PMS and the way that Phil and Luke both got in on it and their discussions was hilarious. "Monsterating." I can see dad's all over the world use this word to their young boys you just don't quiet understand. Leave it to Phil to "leave no man behind." The fake blood and the amount that got on Luke was something that we can all see him doing.


The most hilarious part is the fact that Lily was named after Aunt Lily,Cam's family pig.Ahahahaha.That is just too funny.


you know i think it's the first time that pms has been has been really addressed on a tv show. a show will usually do some storyline about a girls first period but never addressing pms. i think they did a really good job. it was realistic & funny & done perfectly from both the female & male point of view. it also made me feel better because i couldn't of been the only one to cry during those aspca commercials around my time of the month. the whole episode was grate. it was just so funny.


Great epidose love that family!!


This was a hilarious episode! I couldn't stop laughing through out the entire show! The monsterating thing was so funny! I love how they were all crying over the dog commercial.


it was nice. but it would of been nicer if lily was at her father's brothday party too


From now on, "monsterating" has been added to our vocabulary.

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