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NCIS Promo & Photo Preview: "The Good Son"

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Jamie Lee Curtis returned and left quite an impression on Gibbs last night. What did you think of the episode? Follow the link to check out our official NCIS review and join the discussion of "The Tell."

Looking ahead to next week, the case hits too close to home for Vance as his brother-in-law (guest star Jocko Sims) becomes the lead suspect in Gibbs' investigation into the murder of a Navy petty officer.

Should be intense as the two men, who are on the same side yet often clash over procedural issues, priorities and departmental views, butt heads again. Check out the episode trailer and photos below:

Click to enlarge images from "The Good Son" ...

  • Ducky and the Body
  • Gibbs Out in the Field
  • The NCIS Team
  • Body Find
  • Vance Family
  • NCIS Director Vance Pic
  • Cute Tiva Photo
  • The NCIS Team in Action

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["Of course Leon wouldn't be satisfied with Gibb's integration!!! Looks interesting but Leon gotta remember that you cant get personally involved with cases!!!"] Spare me! What's good for Gibbs is apparently not good for Vance . . . at least in your eyes. You seemed to have forgotten that Gibbs had investigated a case involving his mother-in-law and allowed her to get away with murder.


anybody know the track at the opening sequence, with the drunken sailors finding their crewmate dead?


Of course Leon wouldn't be satisfied with Gibb's integration!!! Looks interesting but Leon gotta remember that you cant get personally involved with cases!!!


Mark Harmon and Jamie Lee Curtis previously played an engaged couple in the movie Freaky Friday with Lindsey Lohan. Maybe the casting was based on that.


It seems you have new writers, please reconsider. Until you return to your former format, your #1 status could decline.I am so dissapointed that my favorite show no longer entertains: too much tech, not enough character interaction or story line. Ditch JLC.


Please do not put Gibbs with JLC. He is way too hot for her. She is old and old. e is way too hot!! Please please do not continue this relationship.


You have to build on Chemistry it can't just happen like Tony and Kate did


I sort of thought for a second that Gibbs and Rachel (Kate's sister) were going to have some chemistry (she's got the red hair afterall), but I guess not.


Barb I was thinking that I like JLC but I don't want her with Gibbs there too much alike.


Jamie Lee Curtis looks too much like Gibbs with the grey, short hair to have the viewer buy-in to a romance between the two. There's no chemistry so the interaction seems so contrived as to be repulsive.