Nick Carter to Guest Star on 90210

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Nick Carter is the latest musician to land a role on 90210, although this former boy band member won't need to bring his singing voice along with him.

As first reported by Entertainment Weekly, the artist will appear on an upcoming episode of The CW drama as himself, landing an invite to a bachelorette party because the bride had a crush on him in junior high school.

Nick Carter Pic

Unlike other musical acts that have popped up on the show, however - From All-American Rejects to Cobra Starship to Kellie Pickler to Nelly - Carter will not sing.

90210 returns with a new episode tonight. Check out a clip from "Babes in Toyland" now.


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I looooove Nick Carter and it's going to be great seeing him in 90210. I'm a fan of the show since the beginning..


@Caitlyn: Yes, he is. He's coming back towards late spring. So probably around episode 23 or something. I think it has to do with Silver and her soon to be issues.
I heard that it's Naomi that's getting married, but I don't think it makes it past the engagement.


@Jarrod Mitchell Teddy's coming back? I think I missed seeing that spoiler cause I had no idea! I'm definitely looking forward to that :) And I have to ask as well: Who could be getting married??


who is getting married?


I don't care for Nick Carter. I just can't wait for Teddy to be back! :D

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.