Once Upon a Time Episode Trailer: Why, Regina, Why?

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Once Upon a Time went mad this week, taking viewers down the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole. Next Sunday night?

It will answer one of your most pressing questions: Why does the Evil Queen hate Snow White with such vitriol?

Expect to learn a lot more about this villainous character on "The Stable Boy" when Barbara Hershey guest stars as Regina's mother and we see the choice her daughter was faced with, the dilemma that made her into the vindictive woman she is today.

Elsewhere: Emma will continue to search for evidence that gets Mary Margaret off the murderous hook. Check out the official ABC trailer now:

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You're seeing things. Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis have said they're open to the idea of having gay characters in the show. Just don't look for it this season.


did i glimpse at Regina actually loving a woman? is that the forbidden love, after all they never said man, she just said that Snow took away the person she loves the most, her one true love....
i don't know, maybe i am just seeing things that aren't there, but maybe that is why she was never happy with any man, who says homosexuality is limited to real world only, why can't there be a gay fairytale. though i am probably hoping for too much and ABC being as family friend with this show as they can, will never actually take it there (but who knows, Regina's relationship with the huntsman wasn't particularly a churchy thing either). it would be an unexpected twist though.

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