Once Upon a Time Review: Dare To Dream

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If Once Upon a Time has taught us anything, it's that magic comes at a price. Apparently so do dreams, as "Dreamy" gave us the surprising background of dwarfs and the consequences of daring to fantasize.

Grumpy's history was just so sad that it was a little painful to watch his story play out. Knowing that Grumpy had once been the optimistic and smiling Dreamy was heartbreaking. Kudos to the actors and writers for making me feel so much for a character I hardly knew.

The Return of Belle

Despite the supposed inability of dwarfs to love, their beginnings were quite creative. Who would have guessed that they were hatched from eggs? And what a great twist to have their names magically appear on the pick axes.

The one issue I did have was that Dreamy didn't tell Nova what the blue fairy had said. She had the right to know that she could lose her wings if she sailed off him. Nova could have made her own decision given all the facts. Perhaps love would have trumped fairy wings. Alas, we'll never know.

One small complaint about fairies: they really deserve better outfits. I've come to expect a lot from the wardrobe department of this show and the fairy dresses didn't work for me. They looked too much like a bad fitting tutu.

The other thing that bothered me was the much hyped return of Belle. Her role was so small and so brief that I was a little disappointed. I hope we get to see more of her soon.

Apparently Leroy had the same hero complex as his fairy tale alter ego. He certainly didn't have any more luck in the love department. Grumpy didn't seem to be destined for a happy ending in either realm.

Like Mary Margaret, I didn't know what Leroy had planned. When he hit the transformer with the pick axe I actually laughed. Now there's a way to sell candles: make sure everyone's in the dark.

Emma's investigation into Kathryn's disappearance had me shaking my head. Why was she trusting Sidney so much? For a woman who claims she can tell when someone is lying, her radar seemed to be on the fritz when it came to the reporter.

Sidney easily could have had those phone records changed. My only question is this: how soon will Mary Margaret get dragged into this mess?

Will Mary Margaret and David ever find their way back to one another? Will Kathryn be found wandering in the woods? And what the heck did the nuns do to Mr. Gold? Whether you're Dreamy or Grumpy over it, share your thoughts on this week's Once Upon a Time.


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I liked this episode. I caught what leroy was up to when he told mary margret he wasn't going to jump. I'm glad hes going to fix up his boat, he found his happiness again, maybe one day so will dreamy. I think belle being there, it might be when she left rumples house the first time, or perhaps before the queen got to her after she kissed him, hmmm. Nobody ever tourtures the man in an affair, it's tge woman that gets judged mary margrets learning that the hard way. @nubianaries81, you make a good point about sydney. Id never thought about that before, but they haven't let off her secret power so much as hes just undetectable. Emma doesnt want to believe it could have been mary or david, but shes playing better safe then sorry.


Will someone please explain to me why everyone hates Mary Margarat, but lays no blame on David. Close minded and a bit backward. Other than that, enjoyed the episode.


I loved the episode, but especially so because we got another glimpse of Rumple's/Gold's Belle. She is a wiser, heartbroken Belle, but I'm hoping there's happiness in her future. There was a lot going on in this episode - Dreamy/Grumpy/Leroy~Fairy/Astrid, Emma/Sidney/Regina, Emma/David. I didn't think it was boring at all. Each week, I look forward to how the writers weave the backstories of Storybook's characters and they aren't disappointing us. I would have never guessed early on that my current favorite character would be Mr. Gold. Robert Carlyle is an amazing actor!


I enjoyed this episode about the dwarfs, and fell in love with Dreamy/Grumpy..so imaginative, writers, about their beginning and life in the mines....hopefully the story will continue when they finally leave the mines and help Snow! As for Emma, I think she did discover the inconsistency in the phone records, and might be doubting Sidney, but because of Regina's threat of firing her as Sheriff, she is treading lightly until she has enough 'ammunition' to fire back at Regina...thus the 'backbone' others feel she's lost!
Oh, and nuns today have gone back to their given names, maybe retaining some of the saints name they took when taking their vows.


Loved the interaction and acting with all the Grumpy/Leroy scenes....very well done and entertaining............the scenes with Emma not so good.......where are the writers taking her charactor???? (I mentioned this in my post a few episodes back)......Lets see her recover some backbone! @SuzyQ mentions Robin Hood....wouldn't it be great to find out that The Huntsman was also Robin Hood......this would be a great way to get Graham back to Emma.


I have a theory on the whole "why can't Emma tell that Sydney is Lying.." in fairy-tale land he was the magic mirror right? I think that he only "reflects" what you want to believe. the Queen wanted to believe she was the fairest and that's what he did for her. So Emma only sees him as being honest with her because she needs an ally against Regina. (just a theory)


this episode was boring. please go back to the excitement of the earlier episodes.


@C. Orlando/Reviewer - You asked what Mr. Gold had against the nuns. From what I can tell, the nuns were the fairies in Fairyland. Rumple *killed* Cinderella's fairy godmother which probably did not endear him to the Fae. So, there's probably a lot more bad fairy dust between them.


@Missa - YES, the dwarves were awesome! I think I teared up more over their unconditional support of Dreamy, no matter what he did, than over Dreamy's scenes with Nova. They didn't even ask why he returned. Their group hug when he was leaving was soooooo adorable.


@Johnny - They've already announced bringing in the Little Mermaid and possibly looking toward eastern mythology and fairytales, like Aladdin. But, "Peter Pan" can't be included because of rights issues w/the Barrie estate. It isn't public domain. But Robin Hood is!

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