One Tree Hill Episode Preview: Great Scotts!

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Following a One Tree Hill episode that was a slight letdown, considering the scant number of hours remaining this season, the CW drama will move ahead next Wednesday night with "Every Breath is a Bomb."

What can viewers expect from the installment? Haley and Dan will team up to track down Nathan; Clay will arrive at a new understand with Logan; Skills will assist Mouth in turning things around; Chase will face the ramifications of defending Chuck.

And, as teased in this preview, Brooke and Julian will be forced to take new measure to protect their family:

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Who is that guy that Brooke is so scared of? I really want to work for TV fantic. What happened to the other web site that had all the spoilers on it and listed all the new episodes. This year shows are only on for half of a season and then they are off till next year. Can't they just tell us a a there are only 7 episodes. Ok.
Hey Logan is Clay's son. !!!!! And did Chase kill Chuck's dad with a tire iron. C'mon


Brooke will be fine.


The only shocking scene of this episode was when I didn't see James lafferty on the credits.

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One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 9 Quotes

He got hired at the Tree Slut Cafe, and it is wigging me out.


Mouth: I have felt a bit of weight lately, but I don't know the cause of it.
Skills: I think it's your ass.