One Tree Hill Review: Thanks But No Thanks, Dad

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There were sexy boots, incorrect dates of death, fatherhood offers turned down, an Air Force discharge, and a possible stolen baby. Yeah, every breath did in fact seemed like a bomb during the hour of One Tree Hill that was "Every Breath Is A Bomb."

Sexy Boots
As I mentioned last week, it's completely awesome that Haley and Dan Scott are teaming up to find Nathan. I only wish that a single other person would care about Nathan at this point. He has been missing for quite a while. If the rest of these characters just don't care about him, that's fine, but at least make note of that. I understand they all have chaotic things going on in their lives as well, but your good friend is either kidnapped or dead. You should care.

Scared Haley

Let’s get back to the sexy boots. I love that Haley came up with this plan, and am just glad for her sake that she figured out a way to get it done without touching that disgusting drug dealer.  Well, until she punched him the face.  Team Scott is getting somewhere with this, but I still wish Lucas was here to help them with this.

Leave it to Dan Scott to take a shot at Deb for being slutty in between somber moments about Nathan being captured and aggressive threats to a drug dealer.  You have to get your shots in when you can, even if nobody is there to hear them.

Incorrect Date of Death
I enjoyed Skills helping to get Mouth back in shape, that Mouth decided to take it seriously, and the trip down memory lane it led us all to, but I take issue with the attention to detail regarding Jimmy Edwards's death.

Jimmy's grave said January 23, 2006.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but the series began in September of 2003, and the main cast was all in the junior class.  Since One Tree Hill decided to do two seasons per year of passed time, the third season - which is when Jimmy died - would have been the second year of Tree Hill time.  If the day in question was in January, it would have been 2005.  It's not a big deal, but I feel like OTH messes little things like this up more often than they should.

Speaking of Jimmy Edwards, he has basically received just as much recognition during this final season as Lucas Scott.

Fatherhood Offer Turned Down
Maybe it is simply because of how cute Pierce Gagnon is, but this Clay and Logan story continues to get better and better each and every week.  The kid is as cute as they come.  Whether it was his surprise when Clay swore, his excitement when talking about wanting his dad to be a superhero or a secret agent, or his sadness when mentioning he just wanted his father to come home, the kid just kept pulling at the old heart strings.

Then it happened.  Clay mustered up the courage to channel Lord Vader, and tell Logan that he was in fact the kid's father, and he gets shot down.  As he simply said no, turned around, and walked out the door, I was left with nothing but shock and awe.  I had not had a bigger pit in my stomach since Kelly Taylor chose herself over Brandon and Dylan.  While I assume Logan will change his mind, it was still a difficult pill to swallow.

Air Force Discharge
Thanks to Chuck it wasn't dishonorable, but Chase has been let go from the Air Force.  Honestly, I'm glad.  When One Tree Hill ends in four episodes, would you rather imagine Chase off serving our country?  Or being the father figure for good old Chuck Scolnick?  I choose the latter every time.

It wasn't easy though.  It took a pep talk from Chase to Chuck's mom, a pep talk from Chris Keller to Chuck, and a lot of courage from the one they call Kid Keller to turn in his father and save his friend Chase.  I don't know about any of you, but when Chuck gave his speech in front of the other officers, my eyes looked way too similar to Chase's.  My imaginary allergies definitely started to act up in that moment.

Possible Stolen Baby
It couldn't all be good, right?  We still had to suffer through this horrible Xavier plot.  Brooke continuing to act crazy and worried about this guy that attacked her is basically the exact same thing that happened seasons ago.  Add to that the fact that Xavier going into that house was so obviously not a break in, and I just couldn't help but shake my head at Brooke and Julian all night.

Hopefully things will take a turn for the more interesting, as it seems we are now dealing with a stolen baby.  Will two kidnappings be too much to handle?  Does it make sense to open up this bag of worms with only four episodes remaining in the series?  I only hope that we don't have to watch sad Brooke for the rest of One Tree Hill as we know it.

What did you all think of "Every Breath Is a Bomb?"  Did it take your breath away?  Did it make you excited for the final four episodes?  Or are you sad that One Tree Hill is almost over?  Check out some of the best lines of the night in our One Tree Hill quotes section, and then sound off in the comments!


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When is chapter 5 sons of anarchy starting I cant wait its the best tv show ive watched for years bring it on =craig d from scotland


yeah I know, but its not about about that, I mean its about the fact that she left David because he was leting go the spontaneous life they had, at least that's what i think it was, i mean he was leting go of his cinema dream, and thats why she ended it, she didnt want a new house or a new car, because she's a free spirit. But with clay I dont get it, she just stays in his enormous beach house, I know its believable for her to want to have kids with clay and not with david, but she's not disappointed with clay for not having that kind of life anymore? Im not against the couple, although I think mark kind of ruined it with this logan story


M- Many many many people have been able to see themselves having kids with one person but not another.....very common. so it is very believable.


First of all, I LOVE Brooke Davis. She is my favorite character besides Nathan. (Have you seen that boy? DAMN he's fine...) So I can never dislike one of her story lines (Biased, don't care). But I'm so much more intrigued with Nates kidnapping. I want to know whats going on with that so much more so it was a bit tough for me to focus on Brooke. I think that is one of the weakest and strongest parts of this season. So much is happening that everyone is kept on their toes the entire time. Also because so much is happening, it's hard to focus on all of it because you care about one story line more than others. Thats just me. Dan and Haley working together =AMAZING. The two people that care most kicking ass and finding our favorite basketball player! Chuck, Chase and Chris = AMAZING, especially Chris because he's the comedic relief that everyone needed this season. Logan is the cutest, great casting since his father is damn cute also. Hope Logan and Clay work everything out.


....end he can't leave to go into the sure force either, so out worked out perfectly. Also im glad chris jewelery and chase were able to work it out and chris dumped that whore. Brooke and julian...... Eh, they'll be fine in end, everyone will be. It just seems like everyone elses story on how they got there (to being okay) os more interesting than theirs - I like their scenes with other people better, especially dan and julian. And sorry for all the multiple posts, as I'm editing things I accidently press the submit button.


I loved the jab at deb, I laughed out loud. Hayley is a badass!! Not only was that plan awesome, but she pulled it off like a pro. Never count hayley out. I was heart broken when clay said it and logan said no. it was just way too sad. I also am enjoying this plot more than I thought I would, I guess the writers knew what they were doing there. Glad chuck told the truth, but I knew he would eventually - they can't have chase in jail for the test of the show, and on the same

Avatar well as rock it is bs that the writers think we're stupid enough to think that lucas wouldn't have been there from the minute he found out. Not only is that his best friend (supposedly) but it is his own brother that is missing, I find it hard to believe that cmm would say no to a story arc that was a little longer than one episode. Preposterous! I am very excited for the last four episodes.... And also very very very sad. This show had been important to me over the past eight years. And just like charmed it will be bitter sweet and three will be bawling........


I loved this episode - however I have never not loved an episode of this show so....... Lol I like many others really wish that lucas's story arc would have lasted longer


has anyone though that it may be Whitey that dies. Just a thought....he was a major character and it would be devastating to a bunch of Tree Hill


Despite the fact that Logan is super cute, his speech is just too mature for a 6 year old. As I said before, I'm not a fan of this storyline.. besides I dont get Quinn, she didnt see herself with kids with david and left him because they didnt have their spontaneous lifestyle anymore, so she goes and stays with his new BF in a big beach house all day and ready to "adopt" his child as well. It makes no sense to me. Does it make to you?
And why is everyone so obsessed with jimmy's death time?:s

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