Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Scoop: Secrets and Swans

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SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you have not yet watched last night's season two finale of Pretty Little Liars.

So... are you satisfied? On this wildly-hyped concluding episode, we learned the identity of A. Sort of.

Masks and Mystery

But is Mona really A? Was the reveal a cop-out because now the show will just turn its attention to a new stalker (B?) on season three, which kicks off on June 5? Or a series of stalkers, all members of Team A? Creator Marlene King answered a few pressing questions in a post-finale interview with Entertainment Weekly...

Why Mona? "She really wanted to get Hanna back all to herself. Mona hates Hanna the most because the other three were Allison’s friend, but Hanna was her friend. She feels the most personally betrayed by Hanna.”

Who else is on Team A? “I don’t think anyone should assume anything...  we’re going to have the Pretty Little Liars and everyone keep a little bit of radio silence on the tweeting until we come back because we really want people to be surprised with what season 3 of the show is.”

Come on. Just a bit of season 3 scoop please? Okay...

  • Mona will still be around.
  • We'll meet members of Ezra's family.
  • The question of whether Alison's death and Maya's death is related will be addressed.
  • What about the Black Swan? "That’s a mystery that’s coming back,” King says. “Who was that person talking to Jenna and Lucas? And who is the Black Swan?”
  • Garrett will remain in jail for Allison’s murder.
  • The NAT club will play a key role.
  • And who was the person in red? "Red is the new black," King simply says.

What did you think of the A reveal? Were you happy with it?

Snow not so white

Can you please cut off with this twin thing? My God, seriously, this annoys me so much! I'm looking forward to season 3, but I'm not expecting something big anymore, it's probably going to be the same chase between A and girls again... and if it happens to be that Alli is alive and that she killed her twin, well okay, what's the biggie?
I'm only curious now about Maya's death, and NAT club I guess.
I do not want to trouble myself about the black and red details as to whether Mona is a psycho or just a desperate ...
But then again... this show is good enough that I continue to watch in June.


Everyone is allowed to express their opinions.
I'm a huge fan of PLL but it just get so boring if season three is gonna be the same old thing, girls chasing after A and A does evil things to them etc. For example it would've be a real epic finale if they had shown A's face to the audience. It would've brought so much more tention to the show.
Btw, isn't anyone else bothered by the fact that Spencer totally missed out on all the hints Mona gave her, talking about A-team and mentioning she could join them. It really bothered me that the smartest liar didn't catch up on that and now they believe that Mona was A when she clearly pointed out that there's a little pack of them.


I love the show, keeps me wondering.
And for all those who are tired of guessing, just stop watching the show
stop effin complaining. ITS ANNOYING.
Anywaaaysss, I Cant wait until season 3. :D


Maybe its just me but I'm tired of all of them...I just don't have the patience to deal with all this "who really is A" nonsense anymore.


"Red is the new black", whoever was the girl in the red jacket in the end was dressed as the Black Swan at the ball


Yes, red is da new black! Even though da girls r still gonna b getting texts from A or someone else dat is on da A team, I think dat da A team leader will b Alison since she had a twin, Courtney dat she apparently switched places with in da 7th grade and also killed 2 get da 4 liars secrets dat Courtney apparently kept in her diary dat was sown in da finale in A's lair. So I think dat Alison isn't really dead. Dat Courtney is b/c Alison did kill her twin Courtney b/c Courtney refused 2 give her sister da girls' secrets. Hmmm.... So how does Mona/A get Alison's diary, u ask? Da A team stole da diary from Alison b/c it was all Melissa's idea while Ian and her were dating 2 fake falling in love with her to kill her while they were camping. But she is not really dead


I was so dissapointed!
Mona is not A. She was just working for A and in the end nothing new was revealed to us. I knew already from the first season that Mona had something to do with A and it only got more clearer on the second season. And it is pretty obvious that she couldn't have come up with everything on her own. The many things A has done just couldn't have been done by one person only. You need at least two people for that and thus A having a team of little workers doing the dirty jobs for her makes sense. So there was no surprises in the finale.
How the finale was advertised really didn't put out.
I'm hoping we'll get more answers right in the beginning of season three or I might just stop watching. After all, following this game of tag for third season doesn't appeal me much.


mona is not A. she worked for A.


OMG!!! The season finale was amazing. i had my suspicions of who A was but none of them were Mona. I can't belive she would put Hanna through all of that just to get her back! Seriously cannot wait for series 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


red has been a running theme throughout though...
alis jungle red lipstick, aʻs red sharpie etc

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