Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Scoop: Secrets and Swans

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SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you have not yet watched last night's season two finale of Pretty Little Liars.

So... are you satisfied? On this wildly-hyped concluding episode, we learned the identity of A. Sort of.

Masks and Mystery

But is Mona really A? Was the reveal a cop-out because now the show will just turn its attention to a new stalker (B?) on season three, which kicks off on June 5? Or a series of stalkers, all members of Team A? Creator Marlene King answered a few pressing questions in a post-finale interview with Entertainment Weekly...

Why Mona? "She really wanted to get Hanna back all to herself. Mona hates Hanna the most because the other three were Allison’s friend, but Hanna was her friend. She feels the most personally betrayed by Hanna.”

Who else is on Team A? “I don’t think anyone should assume anything...  we’re going to have the Pretty Little Liars and everyone keep a little bit of radio silence on the tweeting until we come back because we really want people to be surprised with what season 3 of the show is.”

Come on. Just a bit of season 3 scoop please? Okay...

  • Mona will still be around.
  • We'll meet members of Ezra's family.
  • The question of whether Alison's death and Maya's death is related will be addressed.
  • What about the Black Swan? "That’s a mystery that’s coming back,” King says. “Who was that person talking to Jenna and Lucas? And who is the Black Swan?”
  • Garrett will remain in jail for Allison’s murder.
  • The NAT club will play a key role.
  • And who was the person in red? "Red is the new black," King simply says.

What did you think of the A reveal? Were you happy with it?


@ Raaachx (=liarsunited) I do think that A is not gone and that the girls will keep on getting messages. Like in the books. No one believes them when they say that they are still getting messages etc.
And yes, they say red is the knew black. I think that A is going to wear red in stead of black in the upcoming episodes.


@ Mikenzi I was also wondering why Melissa was in the croud when they took away Maya's body. She didn't look surprised or something.


Also how did maya die? if it is even her. It could have just been an overdose if it was her? Although iv got a feeling that their guna have it linked to Alison. omg poor emily:(


does that just mean that we will get a new A that will wear red instead of black?


Mona's death? Did I miss something????


When a film or a programme doesn't follow the books closely enough everybody bitches and moans but when they do follow the story line everybody still bitches and moans!
This is a good programme and they have to make it drag out a while before you find out certain details because otherwise the show would be finished in a very short and unsatisfying time.
Can't wait for season 3!!!


WELL I WAS A TAD DISSAPOINTED ABOUT LAST NIGHTS EPISODE, HOWEVER EVEN THO MONA WAS A in the book shes not 100% alone there are others. i was asuming A wa a one person job but its a group effort. NOT quite sure about Monas motive shes far more interested in getting her friend (hannah)back from the other girls and as a result i think who ever the master mind behind this A ordeal.. used mona to do the dirty work so they can both benifit mona gets hannah back to herself and A gets Allison killed without know one ever knowing. The whole mona being diagnosed with a personality disorder i think its a cover up. I Think monas get herself in way too deep and ithink shes very fearful and being threatend by THE A group. with that being said anyone else find it strange that toby gets a call from dr. sullivan i mean she had the whole town convinced she was dead whys she calling toby .. and why did toby seem surprisingly cool and non surprised abou her calling . dr. sullivan later tells the girls that she had to make ppl believe she was dead becuase her son was being threatend ,,is toby perhaps that son . i am completley confused about mias death from the begn i thought mia was A now shes dead thinking on her travels she figured out who the other A's were and thats why she tried to call emily and as a result they killed her. well that wasdeff a confusing episode


@Melissa: My thoughts exactly, there's really nothing more to add... I haven't been this disappointed since they started doing this weird flashback episodes in season 4 of OC...


I expected originality, but got some copy-writing from the books. I need some originality, and the writers need to start moving quicker. he fact that its took 50 episodes for us to only get a piece of who A really is is annoying. The finale sucked, and I'm incredibly disappointed with it.


I think the woman in red is Ali! I also think she was the black swan, wearing the vivian hair! And I don't think the twins alive, the body they thought was Alison's had to be somebody's, and who better than a twin? And poor em, loosing mya like that, did any one but me wonder why melisa was in the croud? And I thought that they said A wouldn't be the same person as in the books! And is Mona phsyco now? She was sounding so creepy! And I don't understand why Alison is trying to keep every thing from the girls, (if she is the women in the red coat a.k.a Vivian's coat) when last episode, she acted like she wanted them to keep trying! And just when I thought jenna was gonna help, she does that! I'm so glad spencer and Toby are back! That was my favorite part! It was soo sweet when he caught her arm and pulled her in!

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