Private Practice Picture Preview: The End of Erica?

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It's a good thing Private Practice doesn't return until March 15. Fans will need the extra time to purchase multiple boxes of Kleenex.

As if the title of the next new episode doesn't say enough ("The Letting Go"), consider the official ABC synopsis, along with the following photos.

According to the network, Erica's health will take "a turn for the worse," which is evident based on these pictures. Prepare for some major waterworks, Private Practice viewers, and click through a preview of the upcoming storyline now:

Mason and Mom
Erica in Trouble
Looking After Erica
Visitors for Erica
Charlotte and Erica

Also ahead:

  • Scott, badly beaten, will be placed under Pete's care at the hospital.
  • Sheldon will warn Sam about the dangers of releasing his sister early and caring for her at home.
  • Jake's daughter will interrogate her father about his love life.

"The Letting Go" - Sheldon warns Sam that he may be in over his head when he insists on releasing Corinne from the hospital and caring for her at home; a badly beaten Scott arrives at the ER and is placed under the care of Pete; Amelia is encouraged to make a decision about her unborn child; and Jake's daughter grills him on his love life when he visits her at college. Meanwhile, Erica's health takes a turn for the worse, on Private Practice, THURSDAY, MARCH 15 (10:02-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/COLLEEN HAYES) KADEE STRICKLAND, GRIFFIN GLUCK

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Can't wait for Erica to go.
Isn't it Jake's step-daughter?
Sam and Corrine are just too forced. Can't wait for her to go.
I want Sheldon to get a storyline, not be forced into everyone elses.
Amelia will most likely give her baby to Addison or keep it. I mean, she's not going to abort it or give it up. Shonda would not have put it in otherwise.
Scott being beaten sound interesting. Under Pete's care though is odd. Honestly, I don't look forward to this at all. I'm sick of Pete and Violet's separation, as well as Violet using Scott for her own personal gain. Honestly, what is Pete's specialty in the medical field? Ugh.

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What if my baby has two heads and a scaly tail because of me?


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