Private Practice Review: When to Keep Going, When to Let Go

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After being away for what seemed like forever, Private Practice finally returned tonight win its usual emotionally-packed fashion with "The Letting Go."

I know we were forewarned to come prepared with Kleenex, but I really wasn’t ready for such a moving episode after a very long break. Time and time again, Shonda and company prove they seriously know how to tug at our heartstrings. And this installment was just another one to add to the teary books.

Give Me a Hug!

Perhaps the most heartbreaking scene of the night was when Mason and Erica said their goodbyes to one another, and then Mason ran out of the room breaking down in Charlotte’s arms. Griffin Gluck did a phenomenal job as a youngster and rightfully deserves his recent promotion to series regular.

Erica’s storyline was crafted incredibly well, and I appreciated that she wanted her son to only remember her at her very best. It was entirely understandable that she wanted to protect him and couldn’t handle having him be there as her body would shut down.

Mason and Mom

I also loved how amazing CharCoop were with Mason, as they each were incredibly honest with him about his mother’s deteriorating health. Poor Mason, though! Luckily, he will have one heck of a team with CharCoop at his side to help him pick up the pieces.

Elsewhere: Though it felt a little random, we finally got to learn more about Jake on a personal level when he paid a visit to his stepdaughter at college. I couldn’t help but smile as she grilled him about his love life and the way he described Addie. He was perfectly honest in saying that she was beautiful but even a bit frustrating. As a total Jaddison fan, I’m so ready for this ship to set sail!

Meanwhile, Amelia decided to keep her baby and also to tell Addison about her pregnancy. Amelia was hesitant to tell Addie after everything she had been through, but it was clear that Addie was genuinely happy for her. It’s nice to see these two together again after all that’s happened.

By the way, did you catch what Amelia was eating? I’m pretty sure it was green sliced apples topped with magic cheese and chocolate chips. How utterly disgusting! Then again, I’ve never been pregnant so I wouldn’t know if the aforementioned craving was somehow delicious or not. Has anyone tried this or is willing to give it a shot?

As usual, Sheldon was more than helpful and hilarious. He stated again how he wanted to be there for Amelia no matter what. That’s all fine and dandy, but I still can't help but wonder when and if he will ever get his own storyline.

Sam Bennett Image

I still felt very disconnected from Sam’s storyline with his sister. The scene with him telling her he couldn’t help her alone anymore was heartbreaking, but I was just glad that he realized this and was finally giving her the type of care that she really needs.

Now, let’s talk about Violet, shall we? I’m rating tonight’s installment a firm 6 on the Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS). If I’m not mistaken, she was last seen clearly contemplating her arrangement with Scott and certainly wanted to try again with Pete. It really bothered me that she hadn’t said anything to Scott about this yet and continued to act like it’s okay to have a boyfriend while you’re waiting for your husband to give your marriage another shot.

Scott, clearly the only grown up in the whole Pete and Violet mess, realized that she was only there for him out of a sense of responsibility. He didn’t want to stand in the way of Violet’s family with Pete and said all the things to Violet that she should have just said. For Scott’s sake, I definitely think he made the right call by cutting his losses with her.

So, what did you think, TV Fanatics? Were you surprised to find out about Erica’s deteriorating health? With Corrine out of the picture, is it time for AddiSam again or will we finally see some real Jaddison action? Don't forget to leave your VAS rating!


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@Jenn - Erica was experiencing severe abdominal pains. Multiple tumors were found including on her GI tract and liver, giving her only a week to live.


As upsettingthtnit was, I've never really liked Erica, so it won't really haunt me. I do, however, feel bad for Mason. I know that Charlotte and Cooper can provide a stable home for him, but it's going to be an interesting way to show us.
I love Jake even more now. Honestly, the guy is great and I just want him and Addison together already.
I'm really feeling for Amelia. I'm glad she told Addie though. Missing these two.
Wish Sheldon would get a goddamn storyline!
Sam, Pete, Violet and Corrine are a snoozefest.


Just curious...I missed the most poignant line of the night and can't find it anywhere!! What did they say is wrong with Erica & why after doing this big successful surgery is she dying??


Wow. They weren't kidding when they hinted that this would be an emotional episode. Heartbreaking emotions were just all over the place! I have to give it once again to Charlotte, Cooper, Erica, and Mason. Their arc is ending in such a strong and powerful way. Seeing Mason say goodbye to Erica was so hard and I couldn't even control myself anymore when he ran to Charlotte. And Cooper was great too. I get that he didn't have much material since Paul directed the episode but this whole thing was just done so well. Sam and Corrine's storyline was really gripping too. I think what was so great about this episode is how it more or less concluded two very emotional arcs for the characters. I'm still not so sold on Amelia's pregnancy. It just doesn't seem to really fit. And I am definitely on board with Jake and Addison! I liked that we got to see more on Jake this week.


They should kill the kid too!


Absolutely heartbreaking episode! Mason and Erica, Charlotte and Cooper - Sam and Corinne - I cried many times during this hour...


Wow. Awesome episode, I cried, my heart broke for Mason and Erica. I cheered in the hope of Pete and violet working on their marriage and family. I cried for Sam and Corrine. Shonda just knows how to pull at our heartstrings.


i tried that particular dish and it isn't as bad as u think, first when you eat eat u think it is disgusting but for some reason you can't stop eating it. it is really addictive.


Great show! Poor Mason. My heart was breaking for both of them. I too wish Addison and Jake would get together or move on! Yes he seems to have promise and she deserves it. Job well done! Now let's see more shows and less re-runs!! Please.


The scene between Mason and his mom, taking goodbyes was beyond heartbreaking
I literally burst into tears ...

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