Psych Review: In It To Win It

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Psych-Os, it just got real. A beautiful bacherlorette, several good looking bachelors and a heart on the line?

Psych went the reality route this week when Shawn and Gus went undercover on the dating show Paths of Love on "Shawn and the Real Girl."

The Miz on Psych

Leave it to Psych to come up with perhaps the most creative and outlandish attempts to poke fun at reality and actually manage to get away with it. I could barely contain myself watching Shawn and Gus trying to best each other for Melinda's heart, especially when one of them is very much a spoken for man.

The slew of guest stars didn't hurt either: Greg Grunberg, The Miz and Wayne Brady made for some pretty hilarious moments. The Miz's Mario was too intense to handle. I can't believe he took on Shawn and Gus, definitely not a fair fight for our less than spry leads. Grunberg, meanwhile, was a great face to see after what feels like a really long time away from the small screen.

Then there's Brady. There is never a role I don't enjoy seeing him in, and his advice to Gus was hysterial, as Gus was so invested in the idea of playing the pity card he went so far as to invent children.

My personal favorite element to this episode was the inevitable tension it caused between Shawn and Juliet. If I were Jules, I would have been sufficiently annoyed at how hard he was trying to get Melinda's attention. That's what's so great about Juliet, she understands Shawn so completely that she knew better than to make a big deal about it. It was pretty entertaining the few times she laid down the law with Shawn. You kiss her, you die is perhaps my favorite quote of hers this episode.

Of course, Shawn got it back when Todd showed a little bit of interest in Juliet. The tables completely turned, but it shows you just how perfect they are for each other!

I would be remiss to end without contemplating the hilarity that was the quest for Melinda's heart. I couldn't help but laugh at Melinda's observation that Shawn and Gus seemed way too into each other. It was great to watch their competition for her affection, but in a lot of ways their affection for each other is hard-pressed to be matched in any romantic relationship. They've been together their whole lives. It really would take a lot to get between them. That's what I love about their bromance.

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Dr. Shawn Womack. Enough said.
  • Henry professing Melinda was too good for his son.
  • Shawn and Gus attempting to chase the plane.
  • Gus lying about losing his fiance in a skydiving accident.
  • Gus making the lie worse by bringing Rondell, Mallard and their cousin Ray J into the mix.

If you were Melinda, which bachelor would you have chosen? Do you think Juliet had a right to be a little upset with Shawn?


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The show was hilarious and crazy!! I loved it and I'm sure Juliet realized what she was getting into when she finally decided to date Shawn.


I liked it. The show is crazy anyway.


That was hilarious. I laughed a lot.Great episode.


I am wondering if what Juliet dad said to Shawn is making him wonder if they should break up


I love it when Gus cries in the limo when Melinda doesnt pick him. My favorite line: The jackal is down! The jackal is down! As for Shawn, he will see go after Melinda as part of him being undercover; then trying to be better in winning her heart than Gus! In the end, Shawn pointed to Juliet that he was happy that she was in his life; even with Todd waving at her.


@KD I'm not sure what you mean but i have watched that scene several times over and didn't see anything, maybe i am missing something. This was an okay episode but no where near as good as anything we got in the first half of the season. But as a die hard Shawn and Juliet fan i loved all of there moments in the episode and jealous Juliet was really funny. Shawn and Juliet have such amazing chemistry and i agree they are perfect for each other and it's not surprising that James and Maggie are such a great couple in real life. I just wish that they would show us a little more of the romance between them, it's as if the writers are afraid to show us more. All i can say is that i hope the writers don't do the totally cliché thing and ruin the relationship if or when Shawn tells her he's not psychic because i couldn't bare to see them break up. It would totally ruin the show for me. I love Shawn and Juliet so much, it is easily my favorite relationship on the show.


Was it just me, or when Shawn was showing the video to Juliet towards the end and said a couple words to himself, didn't it look like she was doubting him for just a second.

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