Secret Circle Producer Previews Return Episode, Asks: Who is John Blackwell?

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With The Secret Circle finally returning from a lengthy hiatus tomorrow night, I spoke with Executive Producer Andrew Miller on the phone today, as he offered up a preview of what fans can expect from Cassie's relationship with her father, Faye's relationship with Lee and a lot more...

Light vs. Dark

Father Knows Best? "For Cassie, the notion of her father coming back to reach out to her in any way is a dream come true," Miller said. "But she's spent the last 16 episodes hearing what a horrible guy he is. She now has to wonder: Is he for real? Is he on the level? Or is he the Devil in disguise?"

Or Adam Knows Best? "Blackwell's presence gets in the way of Cassie's relationship with Adam," Miller said. "Because Adam doesn't trust this guy. He believes what his own father had to say about Blackwell."

All About Eva: "We've all had to deal with an ex coming back into our life," Miller teased of the issue that will plague Faye and Lee. "But she has to deal with an ex coming back from the dead... it complicates things."

Diana's Dilemma: "She meets this guy with a yacht, who is handsome and speaks with a sexy accent, has a winning smile... and it's kind of a pain in the ass for a girl who has always put the Circle first. She's gonna start exploring how easy or impossible it is to have a relationship with a non-witch."

John Blackwell Versus... "What's really been fun is messing with expectations," Miller said when asked how the older generation will react to Blackwell's reappearance. "Each of the adults we know has a specific idea of who Blackwell is, ideas they've created over the last 16 years when they didn't know he was alive.

"Ethan has the most to lose by Blackwell's return. It has a lot to do with who he was, who he is and the expectations his son has for him. He's gonna be forced to stand up to Blackwell in order to protect Adam."

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Totally agree with @QMGQT!
Can't wait to see the whole Eva/Lee/Faye situation play out and from the additional sneak peek, it looks like Lee obviously still has some feeling for Eva but his feelings for Faye are pretty strong too! And I can't wait to see how they play Jake into this, if at all. But I hope they do, just to mix it up a little more!


yay for Diana:)ok i totally agree with everything stated below.
Cassie drama is too much, it seems like the SL will start to involve all the witches... it would also be nice to see if Ethan and Charles team up also i knw im abit delayed but lmao that the names are Diana and charles... mmm.


i am excited about faye/lee/his ex and jake square!!!! .. also huray for diana for having a storyline and more screen time. melissa needs it too!! reduce cassie drama and concentrate on others as well!


agree with @Anon, nice done!
JB vs Ethan what a clash!!? And how will react broken hearted Dawn? Will she shift sides!? And Charles!?
I love Diana and Melissa! They need so much more screen time!?
And we want some evil guy action! WHunters + Demons Vs young witches Vs old witches!?


Nice interview! I'm really looking forward to everything Blackwell brings to the table as his return is a pretty big game changer that affects everyone. And I'm actually really excited about Diana's storyline about dating a non-witch kind of guy. It's going to be nice having one of them have to deal with their witch life and then a totally normal life. Ethan vs. Blackwell and Blackwell vs. Charles, I can't wait to see how all of this plays out!! Really glad the show is finally back and things are certainly heating up as we draw closer and closer to the season finale. Can't wait for tomorrow!!

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