Southland Review: Krazy But Deadly

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Every decision has consequences. "Risk" comes with being a cop. Sometimes the dangers come from out of no where while, in other instances, too much confidence can be deadly.

For such a smart woman, Lydia's been acting reckless all season. She's hidden her pregnancy even when the signs have become obvious to those around her. She's put herself at risk time and time again. 

I know how much she loves her job but at some point she has to choose. If she wants to carry this pregnancy to term, there are precautions that need to be taken. There's a reason why the department puts pregnant women on desk duty and Lydia's had enough close calls to realize that. A few months off the street might not be pleasant but a miscarriage in her second trimester would be devastating.

Apparently it took damn near dying to drive that point home.

Tang in Trouble

The once dynamic duo of Cooper and Tang had this huge secret hanging over their heads. Actually it's Tang's secret. Cooper knew the truth, he just couldn't prove it. Would he turn her in if he could?

Cooper thought he could trust her. It's eating him up inside that his partner would lie and let a kid take the blame in order to cover her ass and garner a promotion. She's not the person he thought she was and things between them will never be the same.

Speaking of partnerships being altered, Sammy and Ben are well past their honeymoon stage. Ben's accusations ended the fun camaraderie they once shared.

Just when Sammy seemed willing to put that aside, Ben decided to go rogue and beat the crap out of that pimp. It was just plain stupid and it shouldn't have taken much intelligence to realize that there would be consequences.

Ben kept believing he was in the clear when the pimp didn't show his face. He kept trying to help the hooker and her daughter. While that was admirable, Sammy was right. A cop has to learn when to let it go. The mom wasn't going to leave the streets and the daughter didn't stay in the group home 24 hours. Some people don't want to be saved.

This episode had some great cases. To wit:

  • You know it's a sick world when someone can make $500,000 a year on a toilet cam.
  • A beautiful house, a crazy couple, a see through shirt and a safe word gone wrong. What more could you ask for?
  • A bunch of idiot skateboarders flying down a major road. Something tells me those little helmets weren't going to help much when they smacked into the pavement doing 40 miles per hour or hit a car head on. 

It was quite the bit of foreshadowing as Sammy commented that he'd rather die on a skateboard than from cancer or a heart attack. The pimp pulling up in his Escalade was frightening but inevitable. He wasn't about to take a beat down from a cop and not retaliate.

The car that hit the driver's side felt like it came out of no where. Just when the danger seemed to have subsided, Sammy got blindsided. All I could think was that little Nate needs his Daddy because Mommy's a nut.

As we head to the season finale, do you think Sammy will survive? I hope so. He's become one of my favorite characters. Will Cooper call Tang out on her lies and will Lydia finally pull herself off the streets?


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No, I didn't catch that....Was that in the previews for the next week at the end of the show?


did you not catch that sherman's new partner next week is the cop that got shot in the face in the first episode?


Great review, again, as always. I'm beginning to feel that the Sammy/Ben partnership is damaged beyond repair. However, I do feel that at some point, Tang & Cooper will be fine because Cooper HAS to see part of himself in Tang. I mean, Cooper had been in denial for so long before, and had himself made so many questionable decisions. The most solid partnership still seems to be Lydia's. I love the way that the show has narrowed its focus this season on only (mainly) these three partnerships. I believe the tightened narratives have increased the shows dramatic impact. Was that scene with the angry couple not priceless? Unbelievable that they ran up the stairs so that the GF/wife could begin choking her partner....Hilarious! I will miss this program so much after next week's episode. Let's hope they make the announcement that the show's been renewed for next season VERY SOON.

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