Supernatural Review: Curses!

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Sam and Dean continued their road trip adventures on Supernatural this week, pirouetting on to some cursed Black Swan shoes (although no tutu on tutu action) before spinning straight into a rather odd twist with the ever hungry Leviathan.

All in all, the episode was pretty standard fare, basic Supernatural trouble, some cursed objects, and a sprinkling of the larger mythology to keep things moving. Nothing over the top knock your socks off, but entertaining enough for that classic feel that has been utilized heavily throughout this recent season.

The focus of "Out with the Old" centered on a variety of cursed objects that happened to get out of their respectively sealed boxes to wreak havoc on the unknowing people who ended up buying the particular items. Blood splatter shots everywhere and mysterious ancient pornos that well... let's leave their certain ways of damage up to the imagination.

Dangerous Dancing

I was certainly hoping that Dean would end up wearing the ballet slippers, if not to twirl and spin, but to at least show of some fancy dance moves. I'm sure he can shuffle like LMFAO with a style and finesse for The Nutcracker.

Yet recapturing the devious artifacts was more of a side mission that ultimately led back towards the Leviathan. It's felt like ages since the show has even touched on them.'

I know, I know, Frank has been stalking Dick Roman with all his grumpy banter and computer wisdom, but the big bad guys of the season have been more backseat than driver. I'm glad we got another glimpse of these teeth gnashing villains, even if they turned out to be realtors, although, I'm surprised they weren't used car salesmen with their persuasive selling attitudes.

I've teetered on the edge of middle ground with respect to Dick Roman and the Leviathan. Sure, I know there are plenty of clever innuendos to hear when referencing the smarmy leader but it's been hard feeling the fear or recognition that Sam and Dean might understand when it comes to not being able to defeat them.

But what does it mean that the Leviathan want to cure cancer? Is it a crafty plow that will reveal the true power play at some point or, dare we say, they actually are going to help? Let's be real, they like eating each other. How can they possibly be doing something selflessly good?

As viewers, we finally know what building in the field means. Was it what I was expecting? No. Was I waiting for an in depth alien conspiracy or a facility that would give them more power? Sure. But curing cancer? It just felt so, odd.

Even as odd as the Leviathan helping Sam and Dean defeat his own kind. I'm sure it was weird for the two brothers gaining that knowledge, that help, and just letting the brothers go on their merry way.

To enhance the weird situation was the revelation that the Leviathan were going to do something good was contrasted with Frank's destroyed and blood smeared trailer home. I hope he's not dead. I've enjoyed his gruff and arrogant banter with Dean, or his ability to just not care. He's no Bobby, he's no Castiel, but he was a fresh character unlike we've seen and in a way helped ground Dean.

A Dangerous Kettle

Is it possible Frank faked his death. I know the man is paranoid but would he do something like that and not tell Sam and Dean?

And what of Sam slowly losing his mind? The guy needs a chance to sleep without a million distractions, but at this point it seems out of Sam's control. He really does catch the worst breaks. I did wish that we got to see Mark Pellegrino instead of just believing he was there but I know you can't have Lucifer for every scene.

Things are not looking good for the brothers and although any extreme tension that we might feel for them, wasn't fully there. It was easy to see their confrontation of taking on jobs intermixed with dealing with a persistent Leviathan, but I'm still waiting for a sense of fear or death. The Leviathan are certainly problems, but scary? Not seeing it yet.

So, after what's felt like forever, Supernatural came back with a decent episode that enhanced the show forward a bit without losing that everyday is a case sensibility. Just what is the plan for the Leviathan anyhow? And how will Sam and Dean be able to truly handle it? And will they ever be able to defeat the Leviathan?


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what i want to know is where have all the sexy angels gone like Castiel, Balthazar, Gabriel, Lucifer. all gone bring them back god damn it..
great review by the way =)


i like sam but i love dean ans sam


Me again... I just remembered an episode of Twilight Zone... Aliens come to Earth and go out of their way to give us everything... health, etc. They had a book call "To Serve Man". Everyone thought it was self-sacrifice to 'help' mankind out... Turns out it was literal... How To Serve Man, like for dinner. Perhaps this is what the help the leviathans are doing with us?


What a major disappointment and fakeout too! Commercials showed Misha and Sam in gerney and mental... little did I realize that they decided to put two eposides into one commercial. Not nice guys.


What a disappointment! no story, no misha colins:)


Supernatural has always been about free will and family. We had free will vs. destiny. I think we are seeing free will vs. perfect utopia, a false perfect place the leviathans want to bring to the human race making them easier prey to devour. That's just my thoughts.


what the hell happened last night. no CASS i was so waiting for him to show up. i am a big huge huge fan but to me it seems like the writers are really reaching for stories. cass needs to come back


I agree with Jeff. The writers have always loved to try confusing the viewers; all this mystery behind the Leviathan will be so deliberate on their part, it's not even funny. Plus, based on their track record, I'm not really prepared to take the 'cancer' part literally. Maybe George was telling the truth, maybe not. Either way, that certainly isn't the full story. Way back when, season 1 was pretty much just one big set-up for season 2. Considering that the entire feel of this season has been 'back to old school', I wouldn't be surprised if they do exactly the same thing in this season too. The Leviathans' plan won't be revealed until the finale and then season 8 will be when they try to stop it.


Seems to me that the Leviathan want to cure cancer for the same reason a farmer will invest on keeping his livestock healthy. This combined with the burgers they were creating in the episode where Bobby was shot suggest to me that they don't want to kill all humans, they want to keep us docile and healthy so they can use us as a food source. Overall I was a bit disappointed with this episode, after such a long break I was hoping for more of a arc based story, yet instead we got a filler with a tease of mythology. I can't wait until either ghost Bobby comes back or we get another face off with Dick.


Not exciting but good none the less! I just cant see the leviathons doing something "good" at best it has to be a cover for something evil...

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