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Switched at Birth is great at putting its cast members in gray areas. After all, that is the premise of the entire show. "Game On" really illuminated this, inserting Bay and Daphne into difficult situations.

Bay got caught between what Emmett wanted and what she thought he needed. Daphne felt torn between feeling the pressure of being a hero for the deaf community and being able to just define herself outside her hearing status. Then there's Simone, who makes you ask yourself if you pity her or just plain hate her. I choose the latter.

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All TV shows have bitchy characters, but usually there is a some characteristic that is sympathetic or at least entertaining. For instance, I review fellow ABC Family show The Lying Game and I don't completely despise Sutton no matter how evil she is. She at least has a purpose in stirring the pot and her bitchy dialogue is somewhat amusing. Simone has no such purpose. 

I'm not sure the last time I wanted to bitch slap somebody on a television show so badly. She is the worst! All of her schemes are obvious, transparent, and pathetic. Now she slept with Emmett simply to get back at Daphne for beating her in basketball and at Toby for ignoring her. Talk about a sore loser. 

She is obviously so lonely and desperate for attention. I'm glad that Toby wised up to her ways. Unfortunately Emmett was feeling vulnerable and he fell right into her trap. The lure of vodka and an escape was too much to resist.

I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty pissed at Emmett. Earlier in the episode, he said that Bay is the one place he can go to escape all of his problems. Honestly it seems to me like Bay is actually the place he goes to take out all of his annoyance and frustrations. 

Melody put Bay in the middle of a crappy situation. She shouldn't have taken advantage of her son's girlfriend, but at the same time Bay was witness to Cameron's poor parenting. It is in Emmett's best interest to grow up in a house that doesn't include his dad's drug dealing girlfriend. That wasn't a small amount of weed Olivia was stashing!

Yes, Emmett asked her to stay out of it, but Bay isn't a passive girl and she wouldn't sit idly by while watching her boyfriend in a bad situation. If anything, I think that's pretty adult of her. She was putting his best interests above all, above their relationship even, and she did it out of love. She even tried going to Cameron first to have an open conversation about the drugs.

It's not easy to do something that you know the person you love is going to hate you for. I just wish Emmett could see that this is about him and his need for attention from his dad and not Bay trying to ruin his life. If anything, Bay helped Cameron realize that he wasn't the right parent to raise Emmett if all he cared about was winning against his ex.

Daphne was awesome and honest during this week's episode. I loved watching her relationship with John grow as we saw when she confided in him about the pressure she was feeling.

Yes, it's an amazing privilege to have so many people in the deaf community looking up to her and feeling inspired by her, but she is still a teenager. It is a lot of pressure to have one thing define you whether it's your hearing abilities, athletic skills, book smarts or whatever. 

In the end, Daphne was able to win in more ways than one. She stood up to Simone who tried to get her disqualified and won for both the team and herself. What did you all think?

Were you proud of Daphne for being honest with herself? Do you think Bay and Emmett can make it as a couple? Do you have any pity for Simone? Sound off in the comments! 


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I really like this show, and i totally agree with Bay choice on helping her boyfriend out. Even though Emmett will not approve it;s in his best intrests :) Go Bay


Ok I don't like Ty I love Emmett so much. I haven't even seen all the episodes I've only seen 14 but I read your comments and I can't believe he cheated. I love Emmett so much can someone tell me y he cheats. Like I seriously love Emmett I literally cried when he talked and im not a cry baby. And does Bay find out he cheated?


So... I really love the show but i think emmett should have never slept with simone. She is bad news. wilkie shouldnt of gone to boarding school. I dont like travis.


I was so angry that they had Emmett and Simone hook up but I had to watch the next epsiode, so good job writers. I loved that the preview for the next week came right out and said that yup that did really happen. I can pretty much guess what Bay's reaction to this betrayal will be but I want to see Toby's and especially Daphine's. How is this going to affect Bay and Daphine's buding friendship? I guess what I really want to see is if Daphine takes Emmetts side or Bays, they don't always get along but they are basically sisters.
I starting to like Daphine again for a while she was unpleasnt but that is turning around.


You said Simone tried to get Daphne disqualified in your review, but it wasn't her, that's just what Daphne thought at first. It was another girl on the Buckner team - she told Daphne during the game. Just to clarify :).


ugh watching the new episode and i hate how emmetts character is being a total jerk i just want bay to slap him he deserves it she is way to good for him,just because he doesn't get to live with his dad doesn't mean he has to go have sex with his gf's brother's gf.


Simone... I get Simone. She´s not that special, really. World is full of Simones. And that´s why I pitty her... She is so irrelevant. I hope they don´t give her a sensitive site - it would ruind the whole point of her. She´s just a nobody, someone to meet and get over... A mean, poor rich girl...


He suddenly became a human. It was very good writing move to have him make mistake this horrible. He way painted way too perfect early on, it could never last. He is a deaf teenage boy whose parents just got divorced. He is in a middle of a crappy situation, his world as he knows it is gone. He hated hearing people, then fall for a hering girl. He thought he was meant to love Daphne - he was not. His parent are both dumb-bags who make it so much harder on him then they sould.
And you expect him to be in a mature, loving and long-term relationship with no problems? Wake up. Of course he is gonna act like an idiot, that´s what young people do. Make mistakes, move on. After that they´re either better or worse people - but it´s change. And that´s all life is really about.
And it was all written really well, becose a stranger in a hall is all that it takes to ruin something you´ve worked for for years, not just months. Writters of this show are really good at what they do.


Poor Bay. She fought so hard for Emmett and now it looks like that's coming to an end. She went up against his intimidating mother and eventually won her over. She talked to Cameron like a mature adult about her concerns for Emmett's safety. She stayed out of signing a statement like Melody was pressuring her to do, because Emmett asked her to. She learned sign language and put up with Emmett's anger towards hearing people. She told Ty that she was seeing someone else, even though that was really hard to do and you could tell Ty was hurt. (YES I know that actor isn't coming back.) All that and Emmett sleeps with her trampy ex best friend. Poor, poor Bay :(


also, Emmett has a lot t o confess about to Bay, first the iss he shared with Daphne and now this...oqo...looks like they're gonna break up! WRITERS - don't even dare do a One Tree Hill triangle. Seriously!

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