Terra Nova: Cancelled by Fox, Hoping for Life on New Network

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Fox has pulled the plug on Terra Nova, following an opening season that was met by mixed reviews and middling ratings, along with one of the biggest budgets on television.

Star Jason O'Mara delivered the news via Twitter, offering a sliver of hope to fans by writing:

“Bad news guys, Terra Nova has been cancelled by Fox. We’re gonna try and get another network to do it. Stand by.”

On the Murderous Case

The prehistoric drama was not a complete bust, averaging just under 10 million viewers per week. But the figures also declined as the season progressed and the two-hour finale drew a series low.

Assuming this really is it for the ambitious program, chime in now: Will you miss Terra Nova?

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This is just bogus....every time we start to get involved in a great series it gets cancelled. And for what, another lame reality show?


Why doesn't Spielberg fund it himself he has the money to do it?


I was upset to hear that Terra Nova got cancelled, I love Terra Nova. Fox is stupid! They shouldn't have cancelled it. Hopefully they can get another network to show it. Their are things from the finale that I would like to know about. Those things are: what's in the badlands, and where did Lucas go?


Me and my family and friends will miss it as well i have many people that want me to ask how we can get terra nova back on ! If need be we will start a protest or a list of names to sign to get it back on it was the best new show i look forward to hearing back from someone or from FOX!


Ahh Fox you never cease to amaze me, this is just one more example of why i hate every part of you. This show must be canceled, but heaven forbid anyone cancel a show like Napoleon Dynamite or American Dad, you need to reevaluate what shows to keep and what shows to toss.............................


Terra Nova, great show great season ender. The 1st sci fi show that we all watched together. NOW! We do not twitter but like other shows if you want to keep them you better use Twitter even if you don't want to!!!!

Uncle jackass

Well, that ends the family dinner with tele-night. Onwards to the silent table....


Now if only they'll cancel the Terra Nova clone that has aliens instead of dinos - Falling Skies. Maybe someone will stop throwing money at JJ and Speilberg and give 1/10th of the budget of those shows to people who actually have the desire to craft a good show instead of smooch those previously mentioned moguls overrated butts.


Why Fox cancel everything ? I love the serie Terra Nova, and i'm very sad with this notice!!!


I really hope this show gets picked up by another network! I've grown to love it! I live in France, and it just finished airing over here, and it has a solid base!

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