The Big Bang Theory Review: My Baloney Likes Girls

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Finally, an episode about Raj and his relationship woes! It was perfect, even if we still don't have a definitive answer about his sexuality. But does it really matter?

The Future Mrs. Koothrappali?

For years now, Raj's friends have made comments here and there indicating they thought Raj was gay. And, the writers have played that up with the friendship between Raj and Howard, even going as far as having them kiss virtually (remember that?).

But now, it's out in the open. Everyone, except Raj, thinks he is gay. His family, friends, his date Lakshmi and his entire hometown. The side comments and jokes were starting to get old, so it was a relief for The Big Bang Theory to finally address it.

Raj had some of the funniest lines of the night when he proclaimed that he likes "to boogie with women" and his "baloney likes girls," while talking about his unisex perfume and man purse. I'm glad that all it took was a cute little Yorkie dog to get him to give up the idea of a fake marriage.

With the other guys all pairing off, I hope Raj eventually finds someone perfect for him. But, for now, the dog will have to do. The show often doesn't carry over storylines, but the cute dog has to stay! Next week, we have to see them come up with a name.

While Raj was struggling with his love life, Sheldon was dealing with a relationship of his own ... with Spock. How hilarious were the Spock figurine poses during the first dream? Laugh out loud funny! Yep, LOL!

When it was first announced that Leonard Nimoy would be on the show, but only as a voice, I worried that it would be just in a throwaway moment. His integration into Sheldon's dream and voice of the Spock figurine couldn't have been better. Now we know how Sheldon would interact if he ever really met Spock, even if he ended up calling him a "green-blooded buzz kill."

It seems like it's been a long time since we've had some Penny, Leonard and Sheldon alone time. It was well worth the wait. From Penny giving Leonard a label maker, to the banter about "mint-in-box," to Sheldon revealing the truth ... it was all classic TBBT fun! It's be missing much of this season.

Check out the hilarious lines from "The Transporter Malfunction" in our The Big Bang Theory quotes section. Here are a few to get you started:

Sheldon: Yeah, I hate wedding receptions. Yeah, I wish the bride and groom would take a cue from Bilbo Baggins. Slip on the ring, disappear and everyone goes home. | permalink

Raj: No, I'm not gay. If anything, I'm metrosexual.
Raj's father: What's that?
Raj: It means that I like women, as well as, their skin-care products. | permalink

Raj: Let's go see if you fit in my man purse.
Bernadette: Heterosexual, my ass. | permalink


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The low point of the season. Nimoy was wasted, Penny had nothing to do, and I missed Mayim Bialik. And what was the deal with Raj? Can he talk to women now, or was he supposed to be drunk for the whole half hour?

Carla day

Sorry for the omission of Leonard Nimoy in the review. I did write a paragraph about it, but somehow it got deleted during editing or when I copied and pasted the post. I have made the correction. Thank you for the comments.


Disappointed that they didn't play up the whole Leonard Nimoy portion with Sheldon going back to the store to buy another "toy" and running into him outside the store, thinking he was still asleep and missing the whole moment that he was in the same space as Spock and so we could see Leonard Nimoy IN PERSON. Not just a voice over. Really - I'd love to help out these writers a little with some of these episodes. Some really rock, but some are a just a slight miss. The whole Raj thing - maybe if he wasn't a selective mute, he wouldn't be so metrosexual It's the whole not talking to girls issue that has him turn to other avenues - which doesn't make him gay. They need to create a placebo "alcohol" pill so he takes it and can talk to women. HOnestly - it's all in his head. lol - I can't believe I'm psycho-analyzing a character on tv.


I agree holly, why no mention of the great Leonard Nimoy's voice over? Sheldon was talking to his hero! It was wonderful, I loved it. Not to mention more from Raj, we need more of him. He is so sweet. Why does egotistical Howard get so much screen time. Sheldon was at his best, as usual. So much more could, should have been said by TV Fanatic, why wasn't it?


i find it hard to believe you didnt even mention leonard nimoy's guest appearance. one of the best parts of the show was the interaction between sheldon and the mini spock!


Yes, It was nice to see the «trio». On of the best this season.
Live long and prosper TBBT


I agree with the review. @LJ that was a perfect line.


My favorite line of the night was Sheldon- "50% of marriages end in divorce, 100% of sundae bars end in happiness"

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Well, you should. 50% of marriages end in divorce, but 100% of make-your-own-sundae bars end in happiness


Yeah, I hate wedding receptions. Yeah, I wish the bride and groom would take a cue from Bilbo Baggins. Slip on the ring, disappear and everyone goes home.