The Good Wife Review: No Mr. Sunshine

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I must disagree with you, Mike Kresteva. I can think of something even simpler than Candy Land: handing out praise for this episode of The Good Wife.

With the exception of one small aspect - Alicia penning a letter to her former home's owner, and then flashing back to scenes from that residence, was a tad heavy-handed -  "Blue Ribbon Panel" deserves a blue ribbon all its own. It was another strong installment of the CBS drama.

Matthew Perry as Mike Kresteva

Perry was especially terrific as the morally grey attorney in charge of reviewing a police shooting. He's one of the most likable actors out there, really. Anyone remotely familiar with Friends is simply conditioned to adore the guy.

So it was both fun and jarring to watch his character ooze such sliminess. He was condescending, smug, dismissive. But in the tradition of The Good Wife, of course, he was not entirely evil, either. He would have filed the "forthcoming" report, I think, if Alicia had given the word.

Throwing the testimony of the victim's father back in her face? Cruel... but inaccurate? Should Alicia really have recused herself simply to protect a husband she doesn't live with? Every time Alicia thinks she can hang in this cutthroat world - trying to strong arm Diane into a raise on last Sunday's "Gloves Come Off," for example - she gets reminded that there are complications and dangers everywhere.

And the issue of race and Peter may be the next one. It's been broached multiple times over the last few weeks. Is he actually racist? That's not what the series is implying. But is he navigating his political career at times over doing what's actually right? I'm sure. The political universe is ripe for all sorts of conflicts of interest, making it hard to believe that Peter won't actually run for Governor.

Which I also look forward to because it will get Eli back to doing what he does best. Yes, his role in this competition for Will's job has been entertaining at times (What's a point of interest?!?), but I'm glad it now appears to be over. The squabbling between Eli, Julius and David Lee was getting old.

As for Kalinda and Agent Delaney, I'll take any excuse to get Jill Flint from Royal Pains on my television (she's one of my favorite interview subjects), but are we meant to understand what's going on yet? Lana is angry because Kalinda dissed her job offer? And/or her personal advances? So she's simply making life difficult, tax-wise, for her former storage compartment make out mate? That isn't very mature of you, Agent Delaney.

But it did lead to Kalinda once again using her sexuality to get the upper hand in a situation, albeit in the opposite way from his this tactic usually goes.

Overall, another enjoyable hour. I say it every week, but The Good Wife is at its best when the personal is integrated into the professional. All of this home-buying business comes across too forced, like the show trying to shove Alicia's dilemma down our throat in an inorganic manner. But the panel, the tie-in to Peter's campaign and any struggle Alicia has between doing what is best for herself, her family and her profession - all of which were well-documented here - is always welcome.

All that, and Perry will return as Kresteva, too. Bing!


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Great episode, except the Jackie part. Oh God, how I can stand her, she's a snake.


Just a thought from the last episode when the FBI agent asked Alicia about her firm being on board with a DRUG LORD as a client. I see down the road somebody is going to get burnt as an escape goat and guess who ??


When the heck is everybody going to get off of this Peter thing, it is past history and he has done nothing but live up to his promise to Alicia on working things out which she has not done. This show is suppose to about life after which means all aspects not just the job, it also means home kids and yes husband. The story line is patterned off of Elliott Specier, you don't see his wife running down an old school mate for a rump in the hay. The series will end up in the end with Alicia in trouble that the firm put her in and needs Peter's help to save her and see what she has lost and pleads him for forgiveness.


I liked this episode, it was great to see Matthew Perry on screen again though I do have my reservations. I don't think Alicia should buy the 'house' since she has spent so much time moving forward it seems silly to go back there. Plus her children are old enough to get on with it, I sometimes think they are portrayed younger than they are supposed to be. I like the fact Jackie intervened maybe this will remind Alicia of the life she will be going back to, she won't be in control before we know it, Peter will have his cheating feet under her table again.


Can hardly wait for the clash between Jackie and Alicia. Will and Diane are great. I did like Matthew Perry and look forward to seeing him again. Well Done episode.


I really enjoy this show except for the nonsense about Alicia's kids and mother-in-law. There are enough subplots going on in the office which are interesting and the weekly cases are also interesting, why do there have to be more subplots? The name of this show is "The Good Wife" not "The Strong Wife", which is a shame because Alicia should have had the courage to stand up to MP and make a decision, but instead took the coward's way out and recused herself from a case that was obviously in need of justice. As long as Alicia keeps trying to relive her past, she will never succeed in the future or in her private life.


You know as a lawyer when you are suspended by the board from practicing law or being any where around or near the courts you can be disbarred in real life, watching this crap of Will hanging around the office and playing the role of partner is still the same as practicing. How did Jackie find out about the house if she did the kids, Would it be a surprise if it wasn't her and somebody else is trying to get Alicia in trouble for excepting a gift from a non-felon.
As for the Kalinda and the FBI agent she is being investigated for something that will be coming down the road and Alicia will not be able to stop it. We are yet to see the husband of Kalinda that should be a real blow up. Well with only 3 episodes left till April 29 we have to wait another 3 weeks for the next new episode. WHOOPEE


The episode was good Mathew Perry wasn't terrific and insane .Anyway I am not a fan of M.P.
Peter and her mother ,one pair of manipulators. Diane is a loyal partner. I can't wait anymore ,Will comes back at work as lawyer .


Somehow the last part of my comment got cut off. All I wanted to say was 1) that in real life, the community would be out in the street demanding answers, without waiting for a well-meaning lawyer, and 2) Alicia did what she always does when she's asked to show some backbone: she walked away to save Peter. I wanted to slap her.


Really like the way Alicia remains so cool in some stressful situations like when MP was baiting her. She just ignored him and pushed on. Then she is also capable of letting go as she did at Agent Delaney through the laptop spy camera. Alica's character is written to be strong, cook and forceful yet not obnoxious or 'in you face' like the other lady cop characters on TV these days.

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