The Lying Game Season Finale Review: A Deal with The Devil

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Wow. I'm still catching my breath from that ending. The season finale of The Lying Game presented us with the rushed nuptials of Alec and Rebecca, and oh boy was it certainly an "Unholy Matrimony."

We've had 19 episodes of prep to get us ready for this moment, but I was still left with my jaw hanging. Before we get to all the good stuff, I will start off by telling you why I didn't give this episode a perfect five stars.

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Before the end credits panned over to Sutton and we got the big reveal that Rebecca is indeed the mother, I thought the episode was over. ABC Family dramas have the habit of hyping something and then leaving the reveal to the last 10 seconds. This drives me crazy!

Now we have a whole new set of questions and we're still waiting for a confirmation on season two. I only knocked it half a point, however, because we finally know the identity of the mother! Some may think that in itself was a bombshell, but as I was specifically told, it's something we would have never seen coming and a lot of people had predicted Rebecca to be the birth mother.

The real bombshell was that Sutton was in on it all. Whatever "it" may be. Sutton knows Rebecca is her mother, Rebecca knows her twins are both alive and that Emma is pretending to be Sutton. So was this Rebecca's plan the whole time? Is she the one who set up the car crash? My main question here is simple: What's in it for Rebecca?

Despite the fact that I don't think Alec is dumb enough to hide a murder weapon in his golf bag, I do think that he killed Derek. Thus, Rebecca is his alibi and by marrying her she doesn't have to testify under spousal privilege. So again, what does Rebecca want? What is in it for her?

For starters she had Sutton push Emma into telling Kristen about the locket. Rebecca obviously still loves Ted and wants Kristen out of the way. I'm just wondering why Sutton hates Kristen so much that she would want to put her through that. Or is she doing her a favor? Ted lied to Kristen and his kids for all of these years and said the birth mother wasn't around. 

Do Rebecca and Sutton want to screw over both Ted and Alec? Perhaps. Both of them are definitely in the doghouse right now so it looks that way. Also, Emma has been pushed into Thayer's arms and now Sutton thinks she has a shot at Ethan again. 

I was left with a lot of questions, a sense of relief and excitement over the possibility of a second season. I feel terrible for Kristen, but think that perhaps she is better off knowing that her husband is a liar and cheater. Maybe she can start her life over. 

So... were you guys satisfied with this finale? When do you think Sutton figured out Rebecca was their mother? Are Emma and Ethan over for good? Weigh in now with your season finale thoughts.


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I just don't understand why there is two annie and there is a picture of annie hobbs in chars house and also in the mercer family photo album. If annie sewel is the real mother, then why was there this whole annie hobbs drama? And why is alec so protective of the secret? What's the secret anyway?? I think there is a lot more questions than answers. And why was annie hobbs painting a picture with twins if she only had one child? The producers should think things through. There's a lot that should be understood here


What I figured out so far - Rebecca is the twins mother and Ted is the father. Ted had an affair with Rebecca and when she got pregnant Ted decided to keep the baby because Kristin couldn't get pregnant and wanted a baby. However he couldn't say it was his, so she doesn't know Sutton is his. Also, I don't know if Ted knew there were twins but if he did they only kept one because Kristin only wanted one. I also think that Rebecca is back because she's in love with Ted and wants to break up him and Kristin to steal him. What I don't know is how long Sutton has known that's her mom or why she is in with Rebecca. I think maybe its because in her psychotic brain she wants them to be a family so she's helping her. I also don't know why Rebecca would want to marry Alec or how that helps her. And I don't know why Alec is trying to keep the other Annie situation secret or what she has to even do with Alec. Gosh this show is so confusing and addicting and exciting! Can't wait for season 2 so I can find out more answers!


wow! where is season two!!!!! sigh addictive indeed! love em n ethan together sigh but i cant help but be curious wit the whole thayer possibility :) sighhh but jus cuz i HATE sutton i hope ethan n em stays together! i also think ted is the father but that would be the obvious assumption so most likely its wrong lol....knew rebecca was def the mom but to think sutton is involved is sick that she'd do that to her sister just for a guy and rebecca would do that to her own child just for revenge;dats confusing.


i seriously cant wait for season two hey, im so excited but i dont know why sutton was being so mean to emma???


I cant wait for season two. I think that ted is the twins real father and it happened when he had a affair with rebecca.It all make sense


This show is addicting. I am proud of Emma for not losing it "yet" with Ethan. That was too easy, and you wanted him to be honest. And you want her tone mad at him. She trusted him no matter what. I would have seen right through sutton when she brought that spiteful lashing out on Ethan in jail. Emma would never, even if upset, have made him feel that way being in jail for murder. That was classic sutton. So how stupid. But with all the ups and downs, having moments with parents, it is easy to get lost in your emotions. Emma is right, it hurts. But you want to be with someone like you. That understands you. Ethan and Emma were characters made for each other. He was stupid. All men are. But does she really want to lose him forever?


Sutton realy took after her mum rebecca.and nw e question is.who is e twin's dad


Is season2 out, just watched season1 yesterday and can't wait to watch d next season


Is season2 out, just watch season1 yesterday and can't wait to watch d next season


oh and i also think it could have been sutton to kill the kid not alec cause truth be known alec wasn't totally off base when he said sutton was crazy cause she is

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