The Mentalist Casting for Recurring Patrick Jane Love Interest

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After another failed attempt to defeat Red John, Patrick Jane hits rock bottom, finds a lover and shoots one of his own.

So reads the official CBS description for The Mentalist season four finale, which airs on Thursday, May 17. And while there's plenty one can ponder from that single sentence, let's focus for a moment on a new character set to come on board the CBS hit: that aforementioned lover.

The series is casting as we type for Lorelai, described in notes as a intelligent Las Vegas cocktail waitress "with a heart of gold."

Just how smitten will Jane become with this new love interest? She is scheduled to appear in the finale and also in at least five season five episodes.

The Mentalist, meanwhile, returns from a two-week break and airs "Pink Champagne on Ice" tomorrow night. Watch a clip of Jane meeting an old friend from it above.


just seriously love the show.but writers,please,we need the love between Patrick and Lisbon to be beyond eye-contact or give us something to make us believe it is a taboo.




Jane & Lisbon? ICK! They are like little brother & older sister! Simon Baker has much more chemistry with Morena Baccarin. Bring her back since she is still out there somewhere. I know, she's a murderer. But, hey, nobody's perfect. ;-)


Dont you think it's about time to give us a little more interest in Jane and Lisbon. This teasing has been going on for years. Come on, we need something other than little eye contact. You make us believe there's something and then, the same old stuff.


Yes, the writers are toying with us and it's so cruel! Can't tell much from the hint about the finale, but if Jane "hits bottom" he is in a state of hopeless desperation. He may look for a way to survive by connecting with someone physically through sex. It's crappy sex but it serves the immediate purpose and doesn't involve or endanger any of Jane's CBI family. He will probably end up feeling guilty, which just makes things worse. Regardless, his true love in the end (and it may end tragically) will be Lisbon. A great series! Just hope I can stand the suspense. Writers! Give us a break here!


Just one question : why ? Why playing with our nerves ? They know most fans will get mad but they don't give a damn. OK, I know we just watch the show and that our opinion obviously does not matter but come on...

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