The Office Review: Flowers Arranging Themselves

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If we were conducting Catherine Tate's The Office performance review like Nellie Bertram did of her employees at Dunder Mifflin Scranton - that is, on first impressions - she would also be receiving a raise.

Tate's first appearance last season was intriguing, and her stint as head honcho down in Florida was entertaining, but in "Get the Girl" it became obvious that Nellie Bertram as branch manager could be exactly what The Office needs to stay afloat.

Andy and Erin

She is very strange, but not in a way that is too similar to Michael Scott or Andy Bernard, nor in a way that is just too slow and boring most of the time like Robert California. Nellie proved she was upbeat, off the walls and that she can create a lot of weird situations for our favorite paper suppliers.

The way that she took charge and took over Andy's office was great. The meeting she ran, in which she used some weird voices and gave Kevin an awful nickname, was funny. Giving every one there a raise even though she had no authority might have been the best of all.

It may be moot in the future, because James Spader isn't returning after this season, but Bertram brought out some of the best in California. His reluctance to stop her in any capacity was fantastic, and the fact that he just wanted to see how this experiment would play out was maybe my favorite Robert moment of the season.

The grand finale of it all, when Nellie used a pretty spot on Tinker Bell metaphor to get the entire office behind her, was simply a nice icing to this comedic cake. I'm sure half of the office didn't have a clue what was going on - Kevin and Creed come to mind - but their enthusiasm towards her in that moment might be what keeps Nellie at Andy's desk long term.

Speaking of the a capella enthusiast, Andy spent the entire episode in Florida bringing Erin back to Scranton. I have been one of the biggest Erin supporters for years now, but her shtick is even wearing thin a bit on me.

This story was fine, but it didn't have the effect on me that I think the writers were going for. It wasn't emotional, which might have to do with how goofy Andy and Erin are as characters. I'm certainly glad that Erin's returning to the office, because she is still hilarious at times, but this plot definitely didn't click on all cylinders.

There were a few other one-off jokes thrown into the mix. My favorites were Dwight accepting the outcome of Darryl throwing him out of his office, Irene giving Andy the third degree about having a girlfriend and Toby introducing himself to Nellie as Tony.

What were your thoughts on "Get the Girl?" Relive some of the hilarity in our The Office quotes section, and then sound off in the comments.


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nellie's character sucks


Thank heavens I'm not the only one that hates Nellie. Sorry, "Office" - you just got bumped off of the DVR by Swamp People. Won't watch this show again until NB is N/A. Also read as "GONE".


what are they thinking? Nellie is thw worst charactor the office could have brought. If they keep her Not even cute funny Jim will be able to get me tuned in. Agreed Nellie will be the killer of The Office.


Nellie Sucks, period. I was hoping Andy would sneak in and move all her stuff out of the manager office and we got to see her blow up in anger when he refused to leave. Then poof, she would be fired or at least gone. That would have made for a much better solution and a funnier episode. She is a terrible character and really brings the show that I have loved for so long to an all time low.


Tonight was the last Office episode I will watch until they get rid of Nellie. She is the worst!! Boo!


Please all i ask, is GET RID OF NELLIE. Her character has single handedly ruined what i thought could have been a half decent season of the office, from the first episode she was in, we have seen NOTHING Good come from the show. Her humor is awful, During The last 2 episodes, This and Welcome Party. I literally was forced to stop, and skip certain parts she is in. I find myself every single time skipping the times she is involved in the show. I FINALLY THOUGHT, they killed her character off with the end of Florida. I was thrilled to see they saw how much of a casting error they had made. I can assure you, Nellie was the last mistake the office could have made and they have sealed they future with season 8 being a terrible failure of a flop, and the show will now die off leaving a bitter taste left over in all of us viewers mouths. Bravo Nellie, You killed The Office.


Catherine Tate is awful. I can't even stand watching this. She is incredibly not funny. Please please do not put her in the long term plans for this show.


On virtually every TV review site online, the reviewer raves about Catherine Tate and 90% of the commenters rail against her. Remember that all of these sites have to play nice in order to have access. Hopefully the writers of The Office are paying attention to viewer response--the vast majority of us do not want to see Nellie Bertram any more.


Poor Andy, spent the entire episode chasing Erin. He seems so boring, why would Erin come back to him if he behaves this way? Another character who I don’t get is Nellie. She's a terrible actress and isn't funny.


I haven't seen the episode, but I do like Catherine Tate. I too, HATED her character when I saw her in another series, but I watched a few more times and she grew on me. I don't love her, but she's not as awful as I once thought. As much as Special Victims Unit has fallen without its main character, so has The Office without Michael Scott. I stopped watching The Office because it lost what made it funny. Now the plots feel recycled, jokes feel forced and it just feels like they're stretching for humor. None of the episodes nowadays have anything to do with the workplace, which is part of what made this show funny. Pam and Jim have another kid. Who cares? That 'Christening' episode was one of the worst Office episodes I've ever seen. This show is crap and I don't know how many more office romances before the viewers starts shooting their tvs. Do us all a favor and cancel the show before we die of boredom.

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