The Secret Circle Sneak Peek: Getting Lucky?

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Team Jake? Team Adam? The love life of Cassie Blake will take a backseat this Thursday, as The Secret Circle returns with "Lucky."

That's because Diana will actually meet a new love interest, a foreigner named Grant who lives life on a yacht and whose family runs a vineyard. Watch a two-minute long clip of Diana and Melissa coming across this hunk now, and of the latter encouraging her pal to get her flirt on...

Elsewhere on the March 15 installment:

  • Cassie catches her dad snooping around the coven's quasi lair.
  • Faye runs into Lee's ex, Eva, who claims to be his current girlfriend.
  • Dawn is reunited with John Blackwell at a school function.

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This is kind of a lame lead in. Diana had no hesitation going for Melissa's cousin, and the writers never indicated he was a witch or knew anything about any of that, so she would have had the same "issue" there. Diana has been having fun being flirty (pizza guy!), and now all of a sudden in the face of a guy like this she suddenly gets cold and uninterested? Naw, I don't buy it. These writers need to sharpen up their minds as well as their pencils.


if he will be in the end only interested in Cassie as all other male members in this show, .... i will shoot writers, srsly.


is he a witch hunter? mmmm thanks for intro a character thats not casey related.. YAY


Looks interesting, some normals- or Muggle- as they killed Zach and cut off Sally! I just hope he doesn't breaks D's heart! She is such a good person and sooooooooo HOT! But he will probably got killed off by the end! Can't wait for 15th March!


I'm so glad they kept Tim Phillip's accent for the character of Grant! I hope him and Diana really do kick it off, because I'm liking these two already! I like where the story is going to with this relationship: a witch (Diana) struggling to keep the secret of who she is from a potential love (Grant).

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