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mmmm yes reverse it please. i like adam and diana anyway:P


Really enjoyed this series.


bleh.. the stories need to become more coherent already... hope we get a season two tho!


WTF?!! This is crap! They are only making throwing this obstacle in between Cassie and Adam so that they'll break up and Cassie can run off with Jake?! Adam and Cassie are endgame!


hmmm.. maybe it has something to do with their bloodline too? didn't Ethan say him and Cassie's mom were meant for each other? What happened then? JB?


We don't have a french version


Interesting twist!? So now it's the question will they focus on that or just make a 2 episode story!
Is the curse connected to the other Blackwell offspring!? And why somebody put a Curse on them! Is there Love such a huge deal!?


What the frack so Adam and Cassie are destined to be together but death and gloom are attached.....sounds backwards.

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