The Secret Circle Review: All Bets Are Off

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While casino night may have been a feature of The Secret Circle this week, I'd say it was anything but "Lucky." This was an odd episode. While the previews made it seem like it would be full of excitement, it kind of felt like watching Jason Voorhees chase down his 50th victim, just lumbering along at a steady pace. I wanted things to happen faster and I wanted more to happen - period.

So what did we get? A lot more of John and Cassie. While the idea of was-he-good-or-was-he-bad got played out again, by the end it was quite clear he really was back in Chance Harbor to set things right and to look out for his daughter.

For some reason, I thought he was still keeping his presence low key, but showing up at casino night and slamming Dawn against a locker laid that to rest. Now that she and Ethan know he's returned, maybe the adults will get a little more play time.

Return of Eva

I thought it was pretty strange that Ethan, who hated John so much he tried to kill him in the high school parking lot, would work so diligently to keep Cassie and Adam together. Since things didn't work out as planned with Amelia, he was making it his mission that they would go right for his son and his love, as it was written in the stars.

Imagine his surprise when John told him even Amelia knew that what was in the stars actually pointed to a curse should they ever get together. That would be one good reason to choose John over Ethan!

Alas, it was too late for the two talking papas to make a difference. Their spawn had just done the dirty deed. If John was right, we get to look forward to things spiraling out of control from this act. Sounds naughty and fun, doesn't it? The biggest problem with the whole situation was John's bad news to Cassie. She cannot use her magic, because any magic would drag her deeper into the dark side. What will that mean for the circle?

The other big story of the night was Faye discovering Eva not wearing her "ex" garb in the appropriate fashion. When she finally woke up, she seemed like she was about 14. It turned out that mentally that was about right. Of course, he dug into Faye while Eva was "out." There wasn't much of a contest, as I'm sure Faye would be happy to point out. I was rather surprised to find out Lee had not been yanking Faye's chain. He was really into her. Sadly, Eva was really into Lee, too, to the point of sucking the life out of him to ensure he remained all hers.

What was that? Did she turn him into a raisin person?

Normally Faye would turn to her circle to help under those circumstances. I don't believe for a second she will let Eva take possession of Lee. But Cassie can't use her magic, and her strength would make a huge difference. Or all the difference. Can the rest of them do anything without her powers? I hope so. Faye and Lee were smokin' hot at Casino night and we need more of that.

If Eva did turn Lee into a raisin, can he live, or is he gone for good?

Other bits:

  • Ethan was the bad guy. He gave mortal Eben powers years ago - on the boat. Sweet faced Ethan. Tsk tsk.
  • Diana met a handsome Aussie passing through town, had a great night and he promised to return. Do you think he's too good to be true?
  • Melissa has become the voice of reason after saving herself from Lee's dorked out friend Callum. I'm really proud of her.
  • What's the hold up now? Why isn't Jane back yet? I can't even keep track any more.
  • Was anyone else cringing when Cassie and Adam decided to get nekkid in front of the open windows? Jake peers into them all the time! Geez.
  • Do we really know Jake's agenda yet? If you do, can you tell me?


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Strangely, you're right. There is a lot of prejudice gaainst AI by many music lovers, so it gives Adam street cred that AI seems unable to recognize real talent. It was important, of course, that on the show he was bold, different, and took risks so that no one can (reasonably) claim that he is merely the gimmicky product of some machine. Notice Kris is now just the opening act for other, real music stars.


I think this has been the worst episode out of a stream of bad, disconnected and confusing ones. Wasn't it just an episode ago that Cassie was waiting and wanting Jake back in town? Wasn't it just last episode that they were still dancing around getting together. Then how the hell did she end up in LOVE (wtf) with ADAM? Also, wasn't that Cassie's first time with a boy? She and Adam aren't even officially together -- are they? Also, why would they go and kill off one of their most appealing guys (Lee)? Yeesh, we're back to two men against what...thirty women? Every time they add on a guy they kill off one. Imagine if Grant comes back (will Adam or Jake be slaughtered?)


That was pretty much dissapointment! I seriously hope Lee isnt dead because him and Faye are amazing together. And i hope Adam loves Cassie again. Those two events happening pretty much just killed the show for me. Faye and Lee's kiss at casino night was smokin hot and now they kill him off! Really hope they fix it.


Cassie and Adam are just awkward together. Adam looks great with a tan, thought he was quite sexy, but Cassie seemed so emotionless to me, maybe it was her that ruined the scene. I think the actress is playing Cassie in a rather cold, unattractive way. I liked her better with Jake, he's masculine enough to bring out her softness. Faye and Adam would compliment one another. Lee has grown on me, hope he isn't dead. I love Jake, but it's Cassie I'm not liking so much. I might stop watching this show, hate to say it. I'll give it a few more eps.


I guess chemistry is in the eye of the beholder. I see PLENTY between Adam and Cassie. Love them. Also I like Lee and Faye just as much. I hope he isn't dead. Kinda looking forward to Eva stalking Faye. I hope Faye kicks her ass. It'll ne nice to see someone in the circle who isn't Cassie kick ass. Sorry Cake fans I just don't like Jake, he doesn't care about anyone in the circle except for Cassie. I don't trust or like him.


@Sa'ad702 I was also wondering, does it mean the 2nd Blackwell child is Faye, hence her dark magic power has been "transferred" to Eva when she was brought back from the dead? If it is, then why isnt Faye "feeling" the power? I mean, both Amelia and Dawn are witches, if he "mates" with both of them and produces 2 daughters, then why just Cassie owning all the dark magic power and not Faye? Aft all, Faye became or rather found out her witch power much earlier than Cassie.


OMG! loved this episode! I DO HOPE THAT lee is not dead! I really like the chemistry between him and faye! i think the show could make it work really well! This episode was good, i did like the crows at the end! I DONT trust the aussie dude i dont know what his name is! I THOUGHT for sure at the end something was going to happen to diana!!!! LOVE the new Melissa! EVA DONT like her!!!! shes crazy and how she has that much power is very weird!!! again good episode just LEE please dont be dead lol


Guess they inadvertantly told us who the second blackwell child is...


This ep was a little weird for me. It was dancing around many story lines which is fine but it felt distorted to me.
I like that Melissa is less emo and more the voice of reason and that Diana found someone now that Cadam is apparently on. What I dislike about The Secret Circle is that they have created this huge ass mystery and they are like not even bothering to peel back the layers and reveal what happened. They just give small hints, a convo here and there that alludes to betrayals etc.
Even when they have a huge reveal ep like witness, it leaves more questions than it solves any. They need to work on that. I don't see the purpose of killing Lee. That was just dumb. It seems that the power transfer that Lee did must have taken Faye's hitherto unknown black magic because good magic would not be able to do that.


That Grant guy is too good to be true. Everything about him screams "witch hunter" even his sexy accent. Luke 2.0 anyone? Poor Diana.
Now, Eva better be some bad ass or this triangle could be boring as hell. Eva seems to kinda 'inherit' Faye's power? Confusion!
Melissa continue to spiral up as spiritual and relationship advisor.
Adam and Cassie getting naked. I don't understand why people have been questioning the absence of chemistry. Are you sure we're watching the same show. As far as I see, their chemistry are flying everywhere and Adam really cares for Cassie.

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