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Well all Jake and Cassie fans should be happy now. The only reason they had Adam and Cassie break up is so she and Jake can hook up and Adam won't care. Whatever I might be one of the few people who liked Cassie and Adam together and I think it really sucks the way they ended it for them. I mean making Adam forget his feelings for her wtf?! Whatever they are soulmates. They'll find there way back to one another eventually.


- Well after this episode, after Faye and Jake, I also suspect Melissa as another Blackwell kiddo. To be honest, Faye vs. Cassie would a super awesome storyline but Melissa as a half-sister is a great thing too! Melissa needs a proper storyline :]

- Wow John Blackwell, that was super cold from you to put Adam and Cassie apart. To be honest, in this episode, it was the first time I believed in their love and it was heartbreaking to watch Cassie crying over Adam. But good for TSC, at least this love would be more epic and exciting!!!

- Eva is a psycho. Psycho hidden behind a doll face and sweet voice. But Lee might be dead but I dont think he is dead like never coming back to life. Poor Faye.

- These kids will never graduate with these kids of problems. They should focus on school as well :D

- Anyway, a good episode. But TSC needs a real storyline now!!!


Good to see Charles and Dawn in their plotting glory again. Can we please have more magic related interactions between generations now? How much longer can we act like they are all blind and stupid?


You're such a bad guy, John Blackwell! I love it. He's really getting interesting.

This episode showed me once again, why I like Jake more than Adam. When Cassie told Adam what the potion will do to them and he was all sad about it and said all that "there's no way I can forget what I feel for you" stuff, I couldn't help myself and… yeah, ok, I kind of laughed. That's not the way you should react on the most romantic scene ever, right? On the other hand, when Jake woke up the next morning and had that "Cassie saved me, even though I killed Calvin" moment, I actually felt moved.

The other thing I felt moved by was Cassie. My God, that girl really was in pain. I loved how she acted all cool with Adam, like she didn't feel anything anymore and the second he left the room she totally fell apart. We had some great acting from both Cassie and Jake this week.

R.I.P. for Lee, I guess. Just when I finally got on board with his character. How typical.


Didn't like the episode. About four episodes ago I stopped liking the show. The best angle they had going was the Cassie-Jake connection and then suddenly one episode late she's in love with the pathetic, selfish, self-centered Adam.

And there's something about Cassie that I don't like (Considering a LOT of viewers feel the same is not a good thing). She's supposed to be strong but it comes off completely wrong. She wants to find daddy and she has this connection to him but as soon as he's back she's giving him the cold shoulder.

Faye is more accessible to the audience and she's supposed to be the bad girl.

The only part of the show I like is Jake and John, Faye and Lee (and now Lee's gone:( ).

But I'll stay tuned in and watch next week and the week after to see what else can happen to make me dislike the show even more.


Melissa or Faye is johns daughter they have to be I think that jake has a chance now that Adams gone ( good ridens )


Lu, finally someone to tell it. Adam sucks!!! He's weak, selfish ,and frankly too gay looking. Cassie should end up with Jake who at least has some character.


I hated this episode, the only good part was when Adam and Cassie broke up, i dont like that couple at all...she has to end up with Jake, cmon!!! And Lee dead? really?? Faye finally deserved him after what she went through with Jake! Terrible!
Hope the episodes get better..


Blackwell. I hope the writers will find a way to keep him or have him return in season 2 if it is picked up.

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