The Vampire Diaries Cast Teases the Return of Mother Original and More!

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She's on her way back.

At this evening's Vampire Diaries PaleyFest panel, cast members Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Candice Accola, Matthew Davis and Kat Graham were joined by Executive Producer Julie Plec. And while the cast kept the packed house entertained with jokes and anecdotes (can you imagine Klaus with a profile?), it was Plec who dropped the biggest storyline bombshell.

Mother Original will return, and she isn't finished plotting the demise of her children.

Ian Somerhalder at PaleyFest

There’s still “a whole other chapter to that story," Plec teased. "Esther’s plan to take out her children [will be revisited]."

Other quotable notes and spoilers offered up by Plec:

Will the love triangle come to an end this season? "This season, maybe she has a choice to make. It's going to come to a head. Maybe not the head. But a head, for sure."

Will all characters survive the season? "I don't know."

Will we see more of Elena's parents, as hinted at in a recent casting notice? “We’re talking about having Elena’s life before we had vampires in it and her parents are a part of it.”

Why is Damon being tortured by Rebekah in the photos for "The Murder of One? "Damon does something really crappy to Rebekah [on March 22] and Hell hath no fury..."

While Plec previewed what's to come, and didn't even rule out turning Elena into a vampire at some point, as happens by the end of book one in the novel series, the cast kept fans cracking up with references that included:

  • Wesley reacting in utter dismay at the realization that Gossip Girl shot on location in Paris. He thinks TVD should film in Italy.
  • Who does Dobrev want to see Elena end up with? Neither brother, perhaps, as she joked about meeting a new, non-murderous man abroad.
  • “You’ll see a lot more of Bonnie and Caroline working together" on upcoming episode, Graham said.
  • Somerhalder shared the story of how he landed the role of Damon, which included a terrible initial audition for the network and a pep talk from Kevin Williamson, prior to 10 days of feeling like he wanted to "jump off a building" before receiving the good news.
  • Among the moves that elicited Ian-related screams from audience members: the mic falling in his lap; Candice suggesting he take his shirt off; the actor lending his jacket to a cold Nina Dobrev.

NOTE: We also screened this Thursday's "1912" and... WOW. Let's just say you really should not miss the ending.

SECOND NOTE: We will be posting video interviews of the cast from the PaleyFest red carpet all week long, starting tomorrow! Return often to hear Davis' name for an Alaric/Damon spinoff, along with Dobrev running through a list of Stelena and Delena pros/cons.

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I disagree with you. I think Paul is as good as Ian and Nina ? in acitng, in my opinion even better. Speak for yourself is a thing, but speak for the whole fan base is something different guys!

David and sabrina 2014

These questions are big for the end of the season and I wonder if things will fix for the season and if the mysteries will be solved. I can't wait to find out. =O


cannot wait for new episodes... I just need Klaroline right now!!!


all i care about is Kol or Elijah coming back. ..........!!!!!!!!

Matt richenthal

@Amie: It was just part of a running joke, following Nina saying she hopes Elena would go to Italy in order to find more, non vampire member of the Salvatore family.


Gossip Girl filmed in Paris because it related to their fabulous holiday getaway stories, and at that point they had to bring back s4 GG in a big way, thats why they went all out in Paris. With TVD, what would they be doing in Italy? The Salvatores don't even speak Italian or mention anything that relates to why?


I absolutely ADORE this cast... :)


@VDluv try Youtube :) That's where I watched it anyway. The whole interview was juts hilarious. I keep hearing about this big twist ending on like every TVD site there's driving me crazy! Gah, I want to know what it is! :D
It's so annoying how there's only 7 episodes left. It feels like it was only yesterday when I was waiting for Season 3 to start already.


Hell Yeah.. the epic return of mama original!


where can I watch it please? I'm from Europe so American sites fail to work

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