The Vampire Diaries Episode Synopsis: "The Murder of One"

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Thank you, The CW.

With yet another week to wait until the return of The Vampire Diaries, the network is at least keeping fans buzzing with the release of its official description for "The Murder of One," which will air on March 29.

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What can fans expect from this outing? Only scheming, revenge and heartbreak, according to the following synopsis...

Damon and Stefan focus a new project that will bring them closer to destroying Klaus, and they quickly bring Elena, Caroline and Matt in on the plan. After Klaus threatens someone close to Bonnie, she has no choice but to work on the spell he needs.

Meanwhile, Klaus and Rebekah find the perfect motivator to convince Finn to cooperate with them, but Rebekah is more interested in her own brutal plan to take revenge on Damon. Stefan’s emotional turmoil leads him to a dangerous confrontation with Klaus and, later, to a heartbreaking moment with Elena.

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I don't think i can bear another elena and stefan heartbreaking moment again.....

David and sabrina 2014

These news for episode 18 seem to turn out more terribly shocking than learning about episode 16. If things turn out to be more heartbreaking than the previous times,then the love of this show is done for. I don't want the show's loving couple(Elena and Stefan) to fall apart for good when they should do the same thing they did before:let love conquer all(from the turning point love scene,season 1 episode 10)=O ={ =( =.(


I actually find Esther to be a strong woman with immense character that doesn't shy away from tough decisions or taking responsibility for her decisions. Characters like Caroline and her mother are great examples of strong woman, who're definitely not the "kitchen wife" type. Even Bonnie a strong, independant woman who seems to be the only one to confront Elena and her decisions EVER. Off course you get the scheming bitches, but what would a CW show be without those? As for the men, Damon and Stefan are far from strong/in control, they're flawed, which is what makes them so great. Didn't Damon also use his hotness as scheming tactic in the beginning of S1, he was lovesick just like Becks and Kat. As far as I can tell, Sage'll be one more character to add to this list.


I actually find Esther to be a really strong woman overall, she carries herself with immense character and does not shy away from making tough decisions. Characters like Caroline and her mother are also great examples. They're strong females in their own right, not scheming or "kitchen wife" material at all. Even Bonnie is a strong, independant woman, who seems to be the only one who confronts Elena and her decisions EVER.


They should stop trying to kill Klaus Stefan and Klaus use to be best friends why cant they be that way again? And Caroline is going in with the plan wtf? Klaus had been so nice to her and honest with her and he let Tyler have his freedom he isnt hunting Tyler down or nothing. Stelena was built on a lie mostly the only time Stefan told the truth is when he was cornered and had no choice. Damon lied at times too but Stefan lied even more. And Stefan knew the risks of meeting her that it would be dangerous because he is a killer somewhat. And Elena is worried about things Damon would do because he has bad in him so does Stefan at least Damon is honest about it though and warns her while Stefan waits for the last minute to tell her.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

This may be a stupid question, but how is this show sexist?
Does it really even need to be explained. Look at all the females in the show and their ROLES in overall thing. One of most known examples is john's letter - did he say for her to be a strong independant woman or did he say he wants her to get children and live normal life? THe second variation puts her into stereotype "kitchen wife" role. Now look at Originals. How many females? Two females to five males.
Look at the portrayal of becky and esther in comparison to male originals. Yet again the segregation into the stereotypes. Females portrayed as vain scheming and being hurt on love relationships, men portrayed as "strong". Look at Katherine. Was she portrayed as a strong independent female or a lovesick woman who uses her womanly charms to manipulate and sleep with people?


Klaus needs to die already,and introduce some sort of demon


Why did stefan and damon bring elena in on their plan?She'll just screw it up just like she always does.Another stelena heartbreaking scene,how much more are we going to take,we've had enough.I'm glad klaus is in this episode and i want elijah and kol back not finn.


WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH WRITERS????!!!!! seriously WHATS WRONG WITH THEM??!! i have the feeling that they want TVD to finish as soon as possible due to lack to watchers because this is bullshit!!! Finn? no one cares about Finn!!!! Matt? Kill him already!! WHERE IS ELIJAH AND KOL OMG :@@@


This may be a stupid question, but how is this show sexist?

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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Elena Gilbert, savior of the curse and the damned.


Damon: You know what they say: The way to a psycho killer's heart is through his stomach.