The Vampire Diaries Episode Teaser: "The Murder of One"

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The Vampire Diaries dug up a few plot holes on last night's "Break on Through," but the episode did at least conclude with a new/old mission for Damon and Stefan:

All-out destruction of The Originals. And they now possess the weapon to finish the job. Look for the Salvatores to bring Elena, Caroline and Matt in on their plan next Thursday night.

What else can fans look forward to on "The Murder of One," the final TVD episode before another two-week break? Bonnie will respond to a threat from a returning Klaus by working on a spell he demands; Finn will make another appearances; and Stefan will encounter danger with Klaus and heartbreak with Elena.

As always, you can relive the latest installment via this CW thriller via our updated section of Vampire Diaries quotes and Vampire Diaries music.

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David and sabrina 2014

This episode went depressing and shocking at the same time. We may be in to the most planned mystery through the season but it gets us on the edge of our seats. I wonder how things will chane as the season wraps up. =| =O


Somebody has been whittling!


btw i miss katherine...


elena doesn't deserve both brothers... i want elena and stefan to be together but after what she said to matt in ep. 16 makes me hate her so so dissapointed...and as for damon, i like the way he is, but elena want to change him.I am use to loving the bad damon, and without him..there's no more fun..
the brothers are better off without her>>>


Stefan getting away from Elena just puts the cherry on top for what seems to be a very thrilling episode I really look forward to and really hoping for Delena!!!!!!!! I love Damonnnnn!!!!!! This season is going just the way I wanted to!!!
I kinda feel sorry for Rebekkah, although she's been a bitch. But sage needs to die if she hit Caroline! I don't know why she's all over Finn. Damon was right about him.


What? Are you kidding me? More heartbreak for Stefan and Elena? C'mon Julie/Kevin, give us a break and give Elena something to hope for, like Elijah or somebody new. Not Matt though.


The ONLY thing I can't stand more than these,constant hiatus is this stelena struggle. This ENTIRE season has sucked when it comes to them(with the exception of The Birthday and a couple more). Can we please get them back together or atleast a kinda reunion by the end of the seasin so I can mend my broken heart. I REALLY hopes she picks stefan!!


WHY 2 MORE WEEKS????? arrrrrrrg No more heartbreak for Stefan!!! He broke his own heart in order to save his brother, I think it is time for that to be mended!


Intense! But we all know they won't take them out for now! Don't know where the writers are going with this! They drag it away for so long, just teasing around! Love seeing Fin come back! Interesting will he start off with Sage again! and where the hell are Elijah and Kol? why no one is wOwing Bonnie except that weirdo!?


Seriously, what is Elena's problem this time?

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