The Vampire Diaries First Look: Hope for Alaric?

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Alaric appears to be in serious trouble. That much was made clear at the conclusion of last Thursday's "1912."

Can anything be done?

No, if you believe our favorite history teacher is on the same path as Samantha Gilbert, whose fate is revealed in the following Vampire Diaries clip. Watch now as Stefan - after being caught in an awkward situation - delivers the depressing news to Elena. He's not exactly a ray of sunshine these days, is he?

For a look at more scenes from the upcoming installment, check out the official Vampire Diaries preview for "Break On Through" now.

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@helena, love your comment, my thoughts exactly! She saw him...doing what exactly? Was he ripping apart that blood bag like a maniac? No. Was he drinking his 100th blood bag? No. Lol, she should be happy she sees a guy actually POURING something into a glass, not drinking out of the bag....Stefan has manners! Anyway, back to the point, its like she does not get the simple fact, vampires + blood = they live. Or does she want him to go back to killing bunnies and become super weak? Then who will help her with her epic fail plans?


its like this season has jumped around so much. its like a filler season. the people writing the show have no idea where to take it and so they make up all these episodes to clear out the muck of the first two seasons so they can get where they want to take the show next season. its all confusing. i think the only thing that has remain constant is the characters, her love for both of them, and thats about it.

Jose t

@helena completely agree, if anything she should be happy that is trying to deal with his situation and control himself so he wont go out and go back to his ripper ways or wont drain women in dark alleys.....
and wasnt she the one who was trying to helping him with this problem by giving him her own blood?


Elena, congrats being a bitch again so weird that a vampire is drinking blood right

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Ric, the world can't stop just because you're an accidental serial killer.


Take him out for martinis, feed him some chicken soup. Don't let him kill anyone.