The Vampire Diaries Producer Promo: Hell Hath No Fury...

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Heroes of Mystic Falls, unite!

As teased in this sneak peek at The Vampire Diaries, Stefan, Matt, Elena and Caroline will come together with one common cause on tomorrow night's "The Murder of One." They wanna kill some Originals, and now they have the weapons to help them do so.

Why isn't Damon in on the plan? He is. He's just literally tied up at those moments. Watch the following video for a few new scenes from the installmentĀ  - including the return of Klaus! - and to listen as producer Julie Plec gives us an idea of what's on tap:

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David and sabrina 2014

It looks cool to see all the good guys,except Damon locked up,to take down the originals. I wonder if peace will ever come back to Mystic Falls again. =| =]


@ Stefelena:
I think that a vampire can stake an original, but if they stake them with a dagger they will die. Nobody said they will die, when they stake them with a white oak tree stake.


Haha, love Klaus's reaction to Rebekah's torturing plan...she clearly sucks at doing that..I would hang Damon upside down tooo...Anyway, again why are the so eager to kill Klaus?


One thing i don't get is why are they so hellbent on killing all the originals,most of them are out of town its only klaus and bekah.Elijah,Kol and Finn hasn't done anything bad to any of them i get that they are a threat to MF but if they really want to kill the originals it has to be only klaus and rebekah coz they are the real threat and the bad one's.Anyway can't wait for the episode,looking at the pictures it looks interesting but i don't want to get my hope up too high so that i wouldn't be disappointed.


@Nawty~Angel:Same here,i always thought that a normal vampire can't stake or dagger an original without dying,even in "Homecoming" i still didn't understand how damon will kill klaus without dying,someone please explain coz i'm confused.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I swear I will start to watch tvd with benny hill music in background because this whole "Tom and Jerry" level of original killing plans that repeated pointlessly through the season only to fail again and again is downright boring. We all know Klaus, becky and all the fanservice sources will not die. Also whoever was the genius to decide to give a stake to freaking miss cardboard(Elena) and Mister Cardboard(Matt), should just stop making plans...These guys are more likely to stake themselves accidentally than to hit someo...onh other hand, brilliant plan, lets get them both accidentally kill each other. PERMANENTLY.


i was also under the impression that a vampire could not dagger/ stake an original:?


I can't wait for this episode especially because Rebekah and klaus and Damon are there. I really hope none of the originals die.


Maybe Caroline and Stefan will act as decoys when Matt and Elena tries to stake the originals.


Wait. What? I thought a vampire would die if he(she) daggered an original. Or was that just with a dagger and not a stake? Hmmm.

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