The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale to Be Titled...

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Can we expect cameos by Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon?!?

With The Vampire Diaries season three finale set for May 10 (see full CW season finale calendar now), the series has offered fans a mini teaser about what's to come: the episode will be titled... "The Departed."

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What might this mean? There's no way of knowing at the moment, of course. But the title certainly hints at a few deaths to come.

Debate and ponder the possibilities now and then get a sneak peek at a scene from this week's new episode of The Vampire Diaries.

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Everyone on the show is getting whiney of late, from Klaus, Stefan, Damon,Caroline, Bonnie, Elena etc, they're all whining! The "kill Klaus" or "i'll kill everyone you love line is getting cheesy too. I hope the last episodes bring something fresh and plenty of curveballs cos lately the plots are stagnant and ridiculous. Btwn Matt, Tyler, Alaric, Rebekah someone's gonna die there i bet. I think Elena will choose none of the two @ this point, she's lost so much, had so much drama that she needs time out and be her own person.


i hope its elena that dies


The departed? I heard Elena will choose someone for her death... I mean love... triangle. So could that be in?
And OFC- someone dying.


@chanel, I think that would be a very interesting SL if one of the brothers would turn human like in the books. Especially if it turns out to be the one who never really wanted it. Remember s2 when Damon killed that girl out on the road but before he did it he confessed that he missed being human? Btw, I have't seen s1, but I don't remember anywhere in s2 or s3 Stefan mentioning he missed being human. Does he? Anyway, I think it would be devastating for Damon especially if Stefan would be the one to turn human, and Damon remained a vampire. I know that in the books it was the other way around. Damon turned human and Stefan was horrified that it wasn't him. As for Elena having a Salvatore baby, lol, yeah, I know, I started thinking about that possibility ever since Klaus mentioned it in the episode where they all had I am intrigued to see whether the writers develop that story line further.

David and sabrina 2014

I can't for the show's big finale. Things are going to end big for this season and I hope that things will end up straight again for the main cast. =|


I want delena to be the end game!


I really want Stefan to become human for a sec so Elena can have his human baby....or Damon turn human and season 4 will be season 1 reversed except damon’s human. As long as the finale involves Elena picking Stefan or neither salvatorre brothers I will be happy. Stelena or nothing at all!!! Sorry delena fans.


Elena needs to take a beat with Elijah. Bring him out of his depression and add him to her list of body guards.


I agree @Tania. Elena having a baby unmarried and at a young age would continue the whole symmetry thing of Tania, Katherine and Isobel. And though I want it to be a Salvatore baby, a half-vamp one would be too Twilight-esque and breaking the mythology of the show. But I'm guessing with all the witches on the show (and there have been hints of a new witch arrival) there might be a loophole? Maybe one of the Salvatore brothers will become human again (if only temporarlly) like in the books and knock her up? Or maybe there will be a time travel spell and Elena will be transported back to 1864 to scout out the location of the White Oak tree or to get a weapon, but while there will end up having a one-night-stand with one of the boys who believe she is Katherine? (It would be pretty funny if that was how her and Damon end up having sex for the first time.) Otherwise, I'm hoping for a death of one of the central characters (that is either Damon, Stefan or Elena) and the other two having to go to hell to bring them back. Vamp Elena would be good too, but I feel like it would be closing off a lot of possibilities too early in the game. But something major needs to be set up for season 4 that is non-Original related. I'd also like to see T


It would be good for either Elena to either become a vampire, or wait for it, have a baby, because that's what three possibly four generations of Petrova women have done, either one or the other or possibly both. I don't think we can expect a half human / half vampire baby too Twilight!Can you imagine Klaus' reaction to either?

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