The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Scoop: Who are The Departed?

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The Vampire Diaries season 3 finale will be titled "The Departed." This much we know, thanks to an Ian Somerhalder Tweet.

But now E! News has shed a little more light on the May 10 installment, reporting in its latest Spoiler Chat that the title refers to all those who Elena has lost over the years, starting with her parents and continuing through Aunt Jenna and, possibly, Alaric.

Expect to witness a flashback to her family's car accident on the finale.

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Elena's guilt, of course, has been building up throughout season three, as we saw her beg for Bonnie's forgiveness on last Thursday's "Break on Through." Will she finally reach a boiling point on the finale? And what will that entail if so?

Ponder the possibilities and visit E! for more spoilers on shows such as Grimm and 90210.

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Amazing ep! My favorite part was when all of the Originals arepaped in the living room. I've never been able to predict things on this show, but I was actually right that his mother was in the coffin! I agree that Candice did an amazing job (as always). I'm really excited about this Stefan/Damon/Elena love triangle and I hope all of the tension between the characters lasts. I thought it was interesting when Stefan asked Elena if she has asked Damon who he has killed lately. Is it at all possible that Damon is killing off vamp hunters in order to make sure that Stefan is kept safe? While Damon knows that Alaric has the ring, Alaric has been having trouble with it, and he needed Damon's blood last time.


Okay. . .I'm not getting into this argument.
I like TVD. It entertains me and takes me away from reality for a while which is all I want. If I have to be real, yes I do have an idear about the Wall Street movement, Arab Spring, Terrorism, Violence and fanaticism. If I start complaining about the show that I watch, what would be left of it anyways? The producers, actors, technicians can't be wasting their time over unnecesary content! To show the protagonist in the manner a few jerks want is a tomfoolery when the show already has a million admirers.

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It looks like the season finale will be the most interesting episode yet to come. I know it feels depressing for Elena to lose may people she loved but I still remember that they'll be flashbacks of the lives of her adopted parents all leading up to love and the shocking events that we've seen from season 1 to 3. I can't wait for this episode's arrival even though it would be depressing to see it end from there and wait next fall for season 4. =| =O


I so hope Elena gets with Damon. He is so caring about her and all three seasons she is always telling him to start caring about something and when he does she tells him its a problem. Makes me so mad. She needs to make up her mind about the Salvatore brothers.The plot seems to be erratic lately, and i cant seem to follow it it is almost contradicting past seasons.


Still in love with this show! I think the last episode is going to be sooo bloomin sad (Must remember the tissues) Kinda hoping that we at least get to see Stefan and Elena kiss again before the season ends- Even just one kiss! They were so close to it in the episode when the originals had their ball!


Kelly can you please learn to use some F-ing spell check before you make a long ass post like that. You would know why people who complain about the show still take the time to watch it, if you actually read the posts more thoroughly.


im confused if you hate the writing then u hate the episode then why are you watching it? Its one thing to hate one or two episodes here and there or to hate a plot but some of you just seem like you hate everything including the concept of the show so I dont understand why you dont just shut it off! agian this is not to everyone i do understand being aggravted by a plot or an episode or two or a character but the few of you who hate it all I dont know why you would watch it or even take time to write on this site? It seems kind of silly to me I love this show ive been watching it since the begging and read the books before that but sometimes i do get aggravted by the realism of certain things but then I have to remeber this is mystic falls anything can happen here if vampires are alive people can mourn people in a day if you can get past that youll probably enjoy the show more I think its the best show on tv by far its so much fun to watch




Nope Katherine or an Original totally caused the car accident. And LOL at all the whiny comments. So sorry that we are ruining the show for you by pointing out accurate flaws in it, be calm and scroll away.


Does anyone think that maybe Stefan caused the accident somehow that her and her parents were involved in??

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You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger... I want you to get everything you're looking for. But for right now, I want you to forget that this happened. Can't have people knowing I'm in town yet. Goodnight, Elena.


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