The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Scoop: Who are The Departed?

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The Vampire Diaries season 3 finale will be titled "The Departed." This much we know, thanks to an Ian Somerhalder Tweet.

But now E! News has shed a little more light on the May 10 installment, reporting in its latest Spoiler Chat that the title refers to all those who Elena has lost over the years, starting with her parents and continuing through Aunt Jenna and, possibly, Alaric.

Expect to witness a flashback to her family's car accident on the finale.

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Elena's guilt, of course, has been building up throughout season three, as we saw her beg for Bonnie's forgiveness on last Thursday's "Break on Through." Will she finally reach a boiling point on the finale? And what will that entail if so?

Ponder the possibilities and visit E! for more spoilers on shows such as Grimm and 90210.

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I find Elena hasn't been shown to have any emotional response to anything. I mean, finding out you're not even a human, but some magical being appearing over the generations. Isn't that tough? But did Elena have any reaction to that? Of course not, probably more worried about her Steffie running to her. When Elena's birth parents both died (both because of her as I recall) did Elena even seem sad. No? Did she ever mention them again? And what about Elena's aunt who's death she is responsible. Have we really seen Elena mourn her? Not in my opinion. Elena pretty much just follows other characters now, she has no storyline or plot. She walks around hoping to get involved in everything. It annoys me. Everyone criticizing her character is completely right, she is a weak character with no defining personality.


ing it". Thats just childish and immature to the set of fans who this show appealed to in the first season and failed to deliver to since then. If we stopped watching.....YOU ALL WOULDN'T HAVE A SHOW


WOW. I'm not telling anybody to stop watching the show. Nor am i "forcing" my opinion on anyone else. If that were the case, what would be the point in it being MY opinion? I totally agree that there are both positive and negative things about this show. Its just sad that it hasn't lived up to its full potential in delving into the INFINITE number of plotstories it has at its potential. All it focuses on is "unrequited love". Sure you can't please everyone, but the mark of a good writer is to keep people of MANY different interest groups interested in the plot and characters to the best of their abilities and for as long as possible. I ask this question to any and everyone: Apart from an over the top tringular romance, what else is this show doing to captivate its viewers? What else are people like me (who are not all that into romance but mostly into Storyline and character development) supposed to see in this show? And don't give me the BS responce of "if you don't like it stop watching it". Thats just childish and immature to the set of fans who this show appealed to in the first season and failed to deliver to since then. If we stopped watching.....YOU ALL WOULDN'T HAVE A SHOW


Let me make one thing clear, I respect your opinions about the show even if they're negative, but it gets old and repetitive seeing you guys complain on the same sort of thing on every single vampire diaries post, even if it doesn't have a connection, you somehow turn this conversation into a debate about your particular complaint. Another thing, stop trying to force your opinions onto others by saying things like we should stop watching the show through tinted glasses, just because we don't agree with your statements. What makes your statements superior to ours? You're also watching the show expecting the worst, that's why you'll always find something wrong. I feel like your disappointment in the show's direction influences your comments just as much as any fangirl's, so why is yours better. @Bored Now, you've been threatening to stop watching since the ghost storyline, if you haven't left by now, you'll probably never. Clearly there's always something, other than Caroline, in TVD that will always keep you hooked. @RedOktober, I find it funny that you say were wasting our time with a show we actually enjoy and you waste your time with a show that only brings disapoint and take the time to continuosly comment on it as well.


You all seem to be getting your fangs all ruffled over this nonsense.just in case the presence of vampires,witches,werewolves,and numerous types of supernatural creatures hasn't clued ya in...this is's not real.stop analizing it to death,arguing about it,and enjoy the brief escape from real life's a good show with above average acting and characters that draw you in so that you care about what happens to them.that's what tv is supposed to do.that's why we all keep tuning in.that's why we're ALL on this website trying to get a little tvd fix to hold us off until thursday. ;-)


@Amie:I agree with you,we all love this show but that doesn't mean that we are blind to its problem and i think its a little too late for elena to be feeling guilty about her parents death and all the people she cares about,did she even talk about them or show any sign of guiltness that she's the reason why her parents died and also what about isabel,john and jenna,she didn't even mention there names since after there death,its kind of weird.


It's a show people; not real life, totally for entertainment. I love the show good or bad and don't feel the need to judge every episode. Personally, for me it is about all DAMON anyway so as long as he is in every episode I am a happy girl:)


Wow! So we can't talk about how we feel about the show or critique it. @Amie is right! Some of you fans need to take off your rose colored glasses. I don't know where some of you people live. But in America your allowed to talk about things you agree on or disagree on. Hey all week fans and the media were bashing the NY jets front office for getting Teboe! But not one person said why don't you stop watching them! I can just see a Espn reporter saying that! Lol seriously if you don't like a comment that's not positive or it critiques the show. Just ignore it or respond a counter response on why you disagree. Just because I don't like everything about TVD doesn't mean I'm not a fan. Just like I don't agree on everything the NY jets do. But I'm unfortunately still a fan. Lol


Ugh... if you all hate the show SO much, just go back to watching your stupid Buffy reruns! No show can be completely perfect, and the writers can't make every single person happy. If you hate the show that much, for God's sake, STOP WATCHING IT! Otherwise your the people on the comments that everybody hates.


And btw to all those claiming that we should stop watching because we are criticizing, well, here is another thought - stop watching TVD through rose-tinted glasses, because we are simply pointing out things that don't make sense.

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