The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: We Meet Again...

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So, we meet again...

On this Thursday's return episode of The Vampire Diaries, fans will be taken to 1912. What will we learn from what promises to be another revealing flashback episode? How about that relations between Stefan and Damon have fallen apart? That they haven't seen each other in 50 years? That Damon is still bitter of Stefan turning him... and also taking out their entire family?

That they're forced to reunite as the funeral of a mysterious relative? Intrigued yet? Check out the following clip from "1912."

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I think that Damon is mad at Stefan not just that he forcibly turned him into a vampire but it's more that ecause of that he has to live a "lonely" eternity without his brother and the woman that he loved which was the whole point of being a vampire for him.


To Fruit Salad: It's explained in the 1912 episode (I was at Paley last night and saw it). Stefan quickly tells Damon how the family line/Salvatore name carried on after their deaths in 1864. He says it quickly, so you gotta listen for it. And by the way, THE EPISODE IS AMAZING. Julie Plec wrote it and it's amazing.


If Stefan wiped out all of the Salvatore's, how was Zach conceived?


@Stefelena I think it's been mentioned before (though I'm not that sure, maybe this is just how I took the whole thing in) that Damon wasn't really mad Stefan forced him, but that it was only supposed to be him that was turned, that is was only supposed to be him and Katherine to be vampires togetehr forever. But she also feed Stefan her blood. He knows that it wasn't Stefan's fault he was compelled to drink her blood, but he can't help but feel angry that Katherine didn't really choose him. He loves her, but she didn't love him that much, that it was clear that she loved Stefan more or something :/


Honestly i don't see any reason why damon will be angry at stefan for turning him,sure it was painful since it's against his will and he thought katherine was dead he doesn't want to complete his transition,but the truth is he wanted to be a vampire in the first place,he wants katherine to turn only him so that they will be together forever,and it was that same night that(the night they turned)that he discovered katherine wasn't really dead,emily saved her and the rest of the vampires,i think he's suppose to be grateful to stefan for turning him coz if not he wouldn't know that kat was still alive.And in blood brothers damon said he didn't hate stefan for forcing him to turn,he only hates him coz katherine turn him too,so is he still bitter of stefan for over 50years?


WHY NO PROMO but a sneak peek


What is up with Damon and the eyeliner this season? Love that man, but the eyeliner is distracting...


Who doesnet love this Damon! Remembers me at memory-lost Eric (TB), so kind and full of justice, and quite sexy with this whole stuborn atitude!!


I just love the Salvatore brothers. Great scene! Can't wait for the episode!

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