The Vampire Diaries Ticket Giveaway: Meet the Cast!

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It's time to reward another TV Fanatic reader and Vampire Diaries fan with two FREE tickets to an upcoming convention in Chicago.

On April 14-15, cast membersĀ  Paul Wesley, Zach Roerig, Daniel Gillies, Michael Trevino, Matt Davis, Torrey DeVitto, David Anders and Malese Jow will descend on The Windy City for an event hosted by Creation Entertainment.

It will feature Q&A discussions; costume contests; autograph sessions and more. Visit the official convention site for further details.

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Would you and a friend like to attend? You can win a pair of General Admission tickets (travel and accommodation expenses not included) by following these simple steps:

  1. Log-in to the site or register an account. (Only registered readers are eligible.)
  2. Add TV Fanatic's Google+ Page to your Google + Circle.
  3. Leave a comment on TVF's G+ The Vampire Diaries giveaway post and tell us why you should win!

That really is it! We'll select a winner at random and announce his/her identity on Thursday, March 22, prior to the next new episode. Good luck to all!

Matt Richenthal is the Editor in Chief of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter and on Google+.


I am a great fan of Vampire Diaries you don't even understand. I have said to my family if I could have 1 thing in life it would be to go see the Vampire Diaries cast. I am 13yrs old and I would love to meet Stefan, Elena, and Damon. I have watched all of the series and I have t-shirts, jumpers, and I am getting more also, my friend love Vampire Diaries too so it would be great for me and my friend to go see them. VAMPIRE DIARIES IS LIFE!! I watch it every morning and after school. so I think I should have tickets. x


I would like to win tickets because I am a HUGE FAN and words alone can not express how happy tickets to this event would make me. P.S. I am watching Vampire Diaries right now as I type this.


I want the tickets because it is close to Christmas the only thing on there! I want that the most! I am a HUGE HUGE fan! I want to meet you guys so bad so please I beg give them to me! every break I get I watch the vampire diaries! so if you can please give me the tickets! I have been waiting forever to get tickets! I been searching searching and this is one I want this is my chrismas list!
only one thing I want the most is the tickets! I would be the happiest girl in the world to get the tickets! I have been waiting to meet you guys! well my dad loved this show so did I but he sadly dies November,25,2012! so pease can I have the tickets! so please give me the tickets pleazzzzzzzzzzz! I beg of you pleaz! also I luv this show so much! it is the best show in the universe!
Kc Thompson


Just went to the Vampire Diaries convention in Dallas hosted by Creation. Unfortunately Paul Wesley, Michel Trevino and several others cancelled the event. They are who I wanted to see and my only reason to buy the tickets. Creation wouldn't refund me and I couldn't swap out my photo ops which I paid over $200 bucks for. After the hotel ticket and photo ops i was out a lot of money... It was a very sad day for me. :( Maybe I can win this one and it would make up for it. Please help a girl out. I'd love to meet the cast and especially Paul and Micheal.....


Hi, I'm Alex. I'm 14 and live in Atlanta, Georgia.
You have no idea how much i love The Vampire Diaries. I have watched all four season 3 times. My mom is now hooked and i don't know, the feeling i get when I see Ian and Paul. (Damon and Stefan) It is indescribable. The whole cast is such flawless. I would literally do anything just to meet the cast of my favorite TV show. Please get back to me. It would mean everything.
ps: I will marry the Salvatore Brothers(:


Hi it would mean alot to me and my friend if i got this because i think that u guys as actors on the show are great and i just love you guys show im upsest with vampire stuff and i never get tired of your show and i never will until season 4 comes out i will keep wacthing all the seasons over and over again i cant wait till season 4. the vamire diareies is my favorite show in the whole intire world when season 3 came out i screamed so loud and i bought it. me and my friend really like ur show and talk about it everyday thank you:)


I would give enything to meet the cast of the vampires i watch it every night its amazing i cant wait for the 3 sesion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love stefan so much


The reason i should meet the cast of the vampire diaries in April is because I love the show and the cast. I would love to meet everyone but especially Zach because i am on Team not so oblivious human, and who wouldn't want to meet Zach i mean his eyes are so blue. I would soak up the experience as best as I can and i would really like to get out of the pacific northwest even for a couple days.


I love the show! It's my favorite show out there. I would love to meet the cast.

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