The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Preview: Total Chaos

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Following one major death, followed by a second even bigger death, The Walking Dead fans feel like they've already watched a pair of season finale over the past couple weeks.

But this AMC thriller will air its legitimate second season finale next Sunday. What can viewers expect from an episode titled "Beside the Dying Fire?" In a word: CHAOS.

"When we mixed the last couple of episodes... even my jaw dropped, and I was there when we shot it," producer Gale Ann Hurd told E! News of a development she describes as a "shocking cliffhanger."

Consider yourselves warned, readers, and consider yourselves teased below via the official preview and a clip from the finale:

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Haha, I was so stupid, at first, I thought it was boarding school.


i dont expect that the all group was died bcause the one police and his family was smart his also have an expectacular series in all world


na kakapangilabot panoorin ang the walking dead na kakatako


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I was glad to see that all the main characters survived! I think I dislike the Lori character more with each passing episode!! She is so annoying and just plain ridiculous. I thought she should've been eaten by the walkers! I really disliked her when she wouldn't let Rick even touch her after he told her about what happened with Shane. I find her very very unlikeable. I was very happy to see that Herschel and Maggie survived! Am looking forward to knowing more about what appeared to be a prison in the background and the appearance of Michonne and the reappearance of Merle!


Can't wait until Sunday I just have to catch up on Season 2!


I don't think daryl dies the group will be impacted but if the producer kills characters likedaryl the show will eventually die off. They need characters like daryl and tdog and glenn. We know rick is the main character but this other individuals help built sometype of magic or chemistry on the set. Shane needed to be cut off because it seem like his role was getting more recognition than ricks at the time. I feel it was a rite move am sorry but the show is not about rick and shane is about rick and a group of people who survives during the zombie apocolipse. It seem like this dilemma was going into season 3 so they cut off his character


This show has made history after my family and my priorities I breath and eat the walking dead all day sincerly who knows what could happend I do know the group will be smaller at the end of this episode. I also know that rick survives and daryl, t dog, glenn, his girlfriend, one spoiler they are cutting all those characters who aren't part of the story. If you actually think about it figured it out who in the group doesn't contribute much. I believe ricks wife and the baby dies because of these obvious reasons. The cucle and story dilemma with shane and ricks wife is over because he is no longer alive, so therefore she is just. Ricks wifes so they will kill her off. I hope they do because her character doesn't play a huge role role I think carl will contribute more to the story then his own mothers. They also announce that t dog is going to have many more lines and will contribute more to the story going in for next season.

Avatar question....Daryl die?



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