Tristan Wilds to Miss 90210 Episodes Due to Unidentified Illness

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Here's to hoping it's nothing too serious, but 90210 star Tristan Wilds will miss a handful of upcoming episodes due to an unidentified illness.

E! News broke the story: Wilds will be written out of the final few installments of this season, with his character of Dixon heading off on tour, as the 22-year old actor battles this disease. Details are scarce and the star's reps are yet to comment.

Go Dixon, Go!

We'll update this scoop when more information becomes available.

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diana z - the band is called train


what is the name of the band that performed before dixon?


Bring back Navid and Silver, hopefully Tristan gets well soon. I miss the cool "bromance" between Dixon and Navid.


What was the song dixon was singing during this episode?


Oops. Sorry for the redundancy :D


The news came a few weeks late after I posted news about Tristan's recent illness in earlier article here in TV Fanatic (info which I got not just from Tristan's Twitter but also in 90210-Media). TW contracted a case of Valley Fever which is a very serious form of pneumonia and is apparently endemic in California.


Aww. It'll be sad to see Dixon out of the picture for the final episodes but it's good that it wouldn't take much to write him out since touring is a reasonable excuse to give. I hope Tristan the best though! I hope it's nothing too serious.

Sarah silva

I hope he is okay! That is pretty scary that he has to take time off.
Personally I like Ivy and Dixon and I like Navid and Silver. I know tons of people do not like those 4. However I like this show and all the main characters.


Agreed. Sixon and Lannie are most important.


Silver should be only with Dixon not Navid or Liam but Dixon. They were so far the best couple IMO, I hate Dixianna they're boring as hell to me, and I prefer to say anything about Navid/Silver and the future couple of Liam/Silver.
90210 should bring back the old pairings Sixon, Navianna, Lannie.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.