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Phill Dunphey!!


just gonna through this out there because i think people forget her when the shows not on; but i have to say PAM from true blood- shes has all the best lines;

'g*** in a sundress' or 'sookie and her precious fairy va***a and her unbelievably stupid name'

come on!!!


Sheldon or Barney. Definitely amazing characters.


@ Chris - where were you?? I should've submitted Barney for you, I knew you'd vote for the Barnacle.
@Denise- after I picked Schmidt I was like oh crap I also love me some Brad Williams on Happy Endings. He and Jane are my favorite comedy couple by far.


This poll needs Sheldon Cooper, Pierce Hawthrone and Charlie Harper added to it.



i CANNOT believe Barney Stintson wasn't named. He's got my vote.
And i'll just give a shout out for Walter Sherman on The Finder. Almost every episode, he makes me laugh out loud.


We built this schmitty, we built this schmitty on tootsie roll!


Sheldon from TBBT!


I'm also shocked there's no Barney Stinson! Wow...

Also, I would have given a nod to Troy Barnes from Community...the whole cast is great, but there aren't many funnier things than a Troy Barnes freak out...

From the current nods, I'd have to go with Schmidt.


TY "livelovelaugh" I was shocked to see Barney Stinson didn't get a nod? I'm still waiting for it...

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