TV Ratings Report: A Nightmare for Awake

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NBC awoke this morning to a nightmare, as the second episode of Awake plummeted to 4.25 million viewers, despite going up against a rerun of Private Practice and despite strong reviews across the board from critics...

Scene from Awake

8 p.m.
The Big Bang Theory: 15.2 million viewers/The Big Bang Theory rerun: 12.8 million
30 Rock: 3.5 million/Parks and Recreation: 3.8 million
American Idol: 17 million
Wipeout rerun: 4.5 million
The Vampire Diaries rerun: 1.2 million

9 p.m.
Person of Interest: 15.8 million
The Office: 5 million/Up All Night: 3.6 million
The Finder: 7.3 million
Grey's Anatomy rerun: 4 million
Supernatural rerun: 890,000

10 p.m.
Awake: 4.25 million
The Mentalist: 13.8 million
GCB rerun: 3.84 million

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Awake is so much better than Private Practice, it is ridiculous.


The Mentalist is my favorite show -- and this disappoints me: people watched Person of Interest ... and then turned the TV off rather than watch Mentalist?


So a Private Practice rerun did better than Awake? Wow. Go Private Practice! :D


Damn it!




Well its not like the mentalist has increased that much more. People not watching cuz no grey's.