TV Ratings Report: All-Time Low for Fringe

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Fringe returned from a four-week hiatus with a sterling new episode last night. But, well, not all fans of this Fox drama actually returned.

The series fell to just 2.88 million viewers overall, while dropping 25% in the key 18-49-year old demographic and hitting an all-time low in that department with a rating of .9. And these results come against a return of Grimm on NBC, no less.

Start spreading the word already for this Friday's episode, Fringe fans. It's previewed above and it's the next in eight consecutive new installments until the season finale.


  • The final four games of the Sweet 16 on CBS led the night with 6.5 million total viewers. They watched Ohio nearly pull an overtime upset of UNC.
  • Nikita gained a tenth of a point in the adult demographic, as 1.56 total viewers tuned in.
  • Supernatural fell nearly 10 percent from the previous week with just 1.6 million viewers overall.
  • Shark Tank (5.9 million) was actually the most-watched non-sports program of the evening.

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am 64 years old and have watched every show but had to miss one that I watched online. Fringe is one of the best and I know several teens and a teacher in her 30s loves it.Fox should go to the fringe Facebook page and read what all the fans say that love the show and Watch it. The rating does not cover the over 50 crowd and forgets our purchasing power. If they quit fringe I quit Fox.


I have to agree on the hiatus. As an outsider, it's something I've never understood about the US TV culture. It's like these networks do everything they possibly can to sabotage any chance their own shows have. It's bizarre. And, sadly, here in the UK in recent years our channels have begun to do the same thing. How I long for the days when a US show started its season with its premiere and ran all the way through to its finale week on week without a break.


When networks decide to move around shows and change times and have "hiatuses" (fake and confusing ones), they ruin the growth of these GREAT shows. I am a huge fan of Fringe and didn't even know it was a new one until I went online. I ended up buying it on iTunes-GREAT episode!

Aja bird

I'm sorry, but really? Everyone is shocked about the low ratings? It went on a FOUR week hiatus! People found other things to do on a Friday night. I'm hoping beyond hope that this won't be the last season of Fringe, but Fox tends to ditch the good shows, especially ones that the ratings are less than stellar on. Just check in with Joss Wheadon on that score.


I'm happy for Nikita! I expected more from Supernatural with Castiel being back, but oh well.


no fair
I should be used to these things, but it still hurts to see. Fringe is the greatest show on tV


You've got to be kidding me? Really? Well, where ever those FRINGE fans were last night sure missed out on a great episode. (And, they missed out on Josh Jackson and Joel Wyman live on Twitter talking with the fans.) Great show that makes one think...and thinking on a Friday night is a good thing y'all!

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