Two and a Half Men Producers Ponder Future of Ashton Kutcher at PaleyFest

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Forget storyline spoilers or season finale scoop. For Two and a Half Men at its PaleyFest Q&A last night, the topic kept coming back to one man: Ashton Kutcher.

Will he return for a second season?

"I'm adoring the time I'm having," the actor said of his of his situation and contract, which only runs for one year, adding of his future: "I haven't heard from the powers that be yet."

Ashton Kutcher at PaleyFest

At this, executive producer Chuck Lorre laughed and said he isn't the "power," while making it clear it's basically Ashton or bust for the sitcom.

"I don't see any reason to continue without him," Lorre said. "He's a delight, he's a really nice man and he's a really easy-going guy, he's very relaxed and very professional. He shows up and he's ready to work, he's prepared and he brings it."

Fellow producer Lee Aronsohn agreed.

"He's been willing to try anything and he brings a lot of smarts to the character and he's a complete professional. I've got nothing but great things to say about him."

What about that ex-star? The one who forced executives to check TMZ every morning, as Aronsohn joked. Lorre didn't direct any insults at Charlie Sheen, but merely expressed shock at where the program has ended up.

"A year ago today I know we thought the show was over," he said. "And it was hurtful and heartbreaking. There was no closure. It was just a very, very dark time. And to have the show be reborn like this and have fun doing it... it's been a great year."

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You are so wrong! The show WAS over last year. Two and a Half Men went from the funniest show on TV to the worst show on TV. Who's idea was it to have three moron characters on the show? Where is the straight man? Charlie WAS the show, and I miss him dearly. And what happened to the GREAT array of side characters that were always on, like the pharmacist, the therapist, the pizza delivery guy, Rose, the sarcastic waiter at the restaurant, etc. They were all GREAT and hardly on or never on anymore. The show went into the toilet. Put it to rest.


Obviously it was more entertaining watching Charlie since he had a variety of girls and every episode was intresting. Ashton's girlfriend is very boring. Bring back Jakes little sister into Alans life with Judith drama.


There is definitly something missing. I liked it alot better when Charlie was on. However, things were starting to get dull there too. Ashton is okay but quit making him be a complete moron, Alan too. Do more with Jake.
I think it would be more appealing if Ashton was alittle more like Charlie was. At this point it really doesn't matter if I miss an episode.


Charlie can not be replaced. He carried the show. This show is really stupid. I get nothing out of it. Ashton Kutchner does nothing for this show. I no longer watch.


Alan is unwatchable!!! His son needs to start growing up now enough of the drug induced stupor. In this day and age there's nothing funny about it anymore. Teens should see him in a more positive role now! Always liked Ashton, but don't need to see his butt anymore. We never saw Charlie's why do we need his?


I watched a couple episodes and while I thought Ashton Kutcher was a great addition to the show the character of Alan has become totally unlikeable and until they turn him around? I'm not watching. Alan has always been portrayed as someone who just seems to have the worse luck, in EVERYTHING. But this season he has become a moron. I watch television to be entertained and there is nothing entertaining about him anymore.


the rating has been the best the been in year and let be truthfully just like house before cuddy left everything though that show was ending and now it 12 time better samething with Two and a Half Men.


I could care less if it's renewed or not. Something is still missing from the show. I liked Ashton on That 70's Show, just not sure if I like him here. Could you make Alan any more pitiful then he already seems. Can't figure out how a grown man with a good occupation is so stupid & helpless. Maybe that's what's wrong - let him grow some %$@@#. Life isn't always a disappointment even for the most down trodden. Nor do I want to see him or Alan crawling under the bedsheets. Tone down the sex, get Ashton a different girlfriend and put the 1/2 man in a little more often. SOMETHING IS MISSING and I'm not sure it's only Charlie Sheen.


I am a big Charlie Sheen and loved him in 21/2 men but the last season with him in it wasn't as good. I really didn't think the show would last much longer even before all his troubles. But I have to admit Ashton has done a great job and new life to the series. I really hope he comes back because its one of my favorite sitcoms


I think the show needs to get rid of his girlfriend.....She' boring, not very likable and it ruins the options of having him dating different girls. They could also cut down on the SEX, as Charlie was known for that. Charlie was not likable, so I don't miss him at all. I've also noticed the 1/2 character has had very little to do this season... A teenage boy should be plenty of fodder for storylines.

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