When Will Tyler Lockwood Return to The Vampire Diaries?

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Phew. It turns out Candice Accola is not a liar.

At PaleyFest, the gorgeous Vampire Diaries star told us that Tyler would soon return and make his presence felt in whatever the heck is going on between Caroline and Klaus. Now, thanks to E! News, we know when that return will take place.

Tyler & Caroline

Tyler will re-appear in Mystic Falls on the 19th episode of The Vampire Diaries season, "Heart of Darkness," scheduled for April 19.

Moreover, there's this tease for all Forwood fans: E! also reports that the hybrid will enjoy a "big sexy scene between him and Caroline" during that installment. Shhh... no one tell Klaus.

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this seems like big news for Caroline but Tyler should be helping her out with Elena's problems. Let's see if Tyler will want Klaus to get away from Caroline and I wonder what'll happen when this newer episode arrives. =|


Thank God. The show is not the same without Tyler and Forwood. Klaroline is horrible and it is NOT true that most fans prefer Klaroline, that is BS. Tyler Lockwood FTW !!


I am so happy Tyler will be back.. i'm afraid not for long though.. I heard he will die in last episode :(




Guess forwood fans will be happy. as for me, I'll be letting klaus cry on my shoulder (coughcough) I don't even remember why Tyler left in the first place, one minute he was there, the next gone... will be interesting to see klaus/tyler relationship. can't wait til 3x20 frankly.


Klaus is the ultimate and exciting bad boy. Tyler is still immature.




well, to be honest even before they whole caroline/klaus thing i found tyler/caroline boring and since they kept them down to a minum most fans agree. Also since the whole caroline/klaus thing caroline has gotten more air time which should tell you something. What i think is that last season everyone hated kluas so i think the writers decided to use klaus to pump up tyler/caroline which explains his absense only problem is there plan backfired the fans actully responded to klaus regardless of the fact he kills people (which i find funny that julie and candence seem to have to remind fans) the fans seemed to perfer klaus over tyler. From what i can gather klaus will be around next season and from paul's interview he seemed to indicate that stephen will decide to let things go with klaus and find a compermise between the two


one more stupid month ... i hope with Tyler return, also Kol or Katherine will appear!!! .. we have missed u tyler!! :]]


It seems unfair that they'll ( the writers) will take the time to address how hard transitioning into a vampire is for bonnie's mother but all Tyler gets is a few reprimands and dirty looks from Caroline. I'm so very disappointed with Forwood this season; they had such potential. So crushed in fact, I'm not even going to get excited about their "steamy reunion"- Caroline will probably yell out klaus' name or something equally as treacherous

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