Who is Getting Married on True Blood?

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Listen closely, True Blood fans. Can you hear them? Wedding bells are on the way.

The latest E! News Spoiler Chat reports on season five nuptials with this very straightforward tease: There is going to be a wedding. And there is going to be karaoke at the dinner!

Sucking on Sookie

So, who might be taking their vows? We doubt it will be Sookie and either of her two main suitors. Take your best guess in the comments section below.

The other big news surrounding True Blood, of course, is more akin to a divorce: showrunner Alan Ball will step down at the conclusion of this drama's fifth season.


I don't wanna complain, but in the books, Sookie is very mad at Bill for betraying her. She says this also at the beginning of season 4, and at the end of season 4, she loves him? In the books, she can't even think of his name!
So I hope it will be Sookie and Eric, although I doubt that. Maybe Andy?


It's Jason hbo isn't following the books so much . But he gets married to crystal they have the wedding in hotshot and have the whole redneck backyard BBQ & karaoke wedding


i hope eric and sookie is the main love story.. bill is borring


Jcrv..... ITS TRUE,eric and sookie,,,,in the book...... its really possible in this 5 series? i hope


I think Bill is the only single guy whose mother we haven't seen already... we've seen Eric's (in flashback, she's dead), Lafayette's, Terry is married already, Jason's (in flashback, she's dead)... Was the old woman who told Bill he effed his granddaughter Andy's mother? OH we haven't seen Alcide's....


To whoever said Terry and Arlene, they're already married. It happened while Sookie was in Fae, they talked about it early in the season.


i bet it's holly and andy that get married....at the very end of the season Andy tells holly he could be good to someone and i bet she gives him a chance and they get married....but we'll see it's just a guess!


I hate moving into a new place and ifidnng that the previous occupants haven't cleaned.I'd not heard of March, I'm not sure I fancy it though!


Terry and Arlene is a good guess. I would say Sam and Luna but Sam would never allow karaoke at his reception!


ok did i miss something i thought christopher melonie( L&o svu )was joining the cast

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