2 Broke Girls Review: Taxing my Sense of Humor

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For one of the funniest freshmen shows to premiere last fall, 2 Broke Girls has been sliding down hill into a yawns-ville the last few episodes. This week we were treated to Caroline attempting to help Max take care of her taxes... for the first time ever.

Max & Caroline Search a Dumpster

I really wanted there to be something hysterical and new in "And the Messy Purse Smackdown." Sadly, short of the pseudo-food fight that Caroline and Max had in the dumpster, there wasn't anything unique or overly funny about the half-hour. We got more of what we already gotten, for example:

  • We’ve seen Caroline and Max fight, a lo.
  • We know that Max had a bad childhood and never thought about the future.
  • We know that Caroline wants to help everyone (especially with money).
  • We know that Sophie and Oleg see their relationship differently.

This felt like one of those episodes where the writers were told: “It will air the day taxes are due, so it has to be about that.” And this was the resulting product.  

One of the biggest confusions for me on this show right now is why the writers don’t feel the need to push the cupcake business forward more. I understand that they want to keep Oleg, Han and Earl, but watching Max announce to the diner that her days of waitressing were over because of a $200 check was completely ridiculous, even for this sitcom.

On top of that, during the ending balance, they didn't include the $200 made in that check in the total. So now even the production staff has lost interest in keep up an accurate total? 

With only two episodes left, I really hope that things turn around and that this show can end its first season on a high note. Otherwise, I fear more than the girls balance will be dropping next season. This week Early and Han had the best dialogue included in our 2 Broke Girls quotes. Go see for yourself!

Girl’s Current Total: $675.00 ($875.00?)


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This is one of the funniest shows I have watched in a while.
I love how mouthy max is and how max and caroline get along so well. Its crazy hilRious. It makes a sky life look like fun! I thi k we can all ratd to that-we all need that


Honestly 2 or 3 jokes in an episode. The short girl is supposed to be the main character. Is this why she gets canned laughter for even a moinor line eg ' I am going home' The idea was fine but what a big let down .
Not watching anymore


i love the show..it's so real..


Is it just me or does anyone miss Nick Zano's character? I really hope they bring him back!


I agree about the jokes and other things the characters say are getting a bit repetitive e.g. All the sexual references, Max's bad childhood, never knowing her dad, etc, etc.


I think the reason the $200 was not added to the balance at the end was because that was Max's own money for herself, not for the cupcake dream?
But I know what you mean, sometimes the writers seem to forget what to add/take away with the cupcake balance.
This could be so it means it will take longer to get to $250000 which means more series, yaaaay :D
I love this show. Started watching it 2 days ago and on episode 15 already!


Well, you are all entitled to your own opinion, and you are also entitled not to watch the show since you find it so mundane and not funny. I, on the other hand, quite enjoyed this episode, I loved the scene in the dumpster, as well as any moment including Coolidge, because I have loved her since I first saw her as Stifler's mom back in 1999. She is hilarious. Also, why does everyone want to bring back Johnny? He wasn't that funny, his character was kind of a hipster douche who lead Max on, and I don't think he did much for the show. Yes he's cute but so what? This is a show centred on these women, not the men.


While this show has been nothing but unauthentic characters spouting out ridiculous lines in a manner that makes you stare at it unsmiling like wallpaper, this was my last. Turned it off halfway through.


The Kim K bash was hilarious, but otherwise a dud. I agree with the reviewer - this show has lost its spark. I used to really look forward to watching, but lately it's been very meh. I hope it can bounce back, but they just keep retreading the same ground. They need to add some interesting side characters. Or something. And yeah, I miss Johnny too.


Nick Zano was on What I Like about You which 2 main characters run a cupcake shop incidentally.

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2 Broke Girls Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Earl: Today is April 16th do you know what tomorrow is?
Han: Oh, happy Martin Luther King Day. Have a drink on me.
Earl: It's not Martin Luther King Day; black people are allowed to be excited about other days.
Han: Oh, is there a new Tyler Perry moving coming out?

A pill! Could be birth control, could be XTC, waiting for a day off to find out. Why wait? [swallows pill] If I start touching your hair in an hour, don't let me have sex with anyone!