90210 Review: The Cost of Love

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Okay, I have a statement to make: Silver has officially gotten with every dude on 90210. There, now that we got that out of the way we can discuss this week's episode, "Bride and Prejudice."

Naomi was going full speed ahead with her wedding planning, completely unbothered by the fact that the PJ wanted the ceremony to be in just two weeks.

Wedding Dress Shopping

I don't recall if Annie told PJ that she would tell Naomi if he didn't, but I think that would have been a better plan. Hasn't anybody learned on these teen shows that lying just gets you into more trouble? Ultimately Annie did the right thing and squealed to Naomi.

Naomi at first seemed pretty unbothered by it all. Rich people are weird with their money and thus do weird things. It's nothing Naomi hasn't experienced before being a product of money herself. There are always clauses and what not, but she believed PJ loved her.

Not to sound like a totally naive moron, but I actually believe PJ loved her, too. I'm not sure that Arlene - our regular 90210 critic - is in agreement, but this is just my thought. The question now is whether or not he loves Naomi enough to give up the money and just marry her later on. Only time will tell.

I felt really bad for my girl when she was crying alone in her car and Annie got in. Naomi basically has no family and has been abandoned and screwed over by a lot of people in life. It seems as if she's the only one of the girls who doesn't know if she can really believe in true love anymore.

I mean, we've got...

... Annie, who thinks she loves the priest after a few weeks.

... Adrianna, who flits from guy to guy.

... And Silver, who is in a naughty little love triangle of her own. Speaking of, here's my theory on all of that: Whatever. Silver and Navid weren't together when she and Liam bumped uglies, but Liam is still her best friend's ex boyfriend, as well as her ex boyfriend's best friend. It's not so much that she got with someone else, as it's about who that someone else was. 

So the theory is that Liam knocked up Silver and with all that's come up with the cancer gene, she might consider keeping the baby? Then where does that leave her and Navid? Poor Navid, he just got back and things are already crappy for him.

What did you all think of this week's episode? Was it a welcome return after the underwhelming "Blue Ivy?" Check out our 90210 quotes and hit the comments! 


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I am so sad about the whole Silver Liam thing.


Oh god what is with robert hoffman and rain god naomi and austin together cant wait for ade to go into country yes country is spreading its better than all the crap about sex and drugs maybe someday it will catch on in england


Ummm can we please adress the blatant RIMMEL ad in a fucking conversation between Annie and Naomi! You've GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!


"Adrianna, who flits from guy to guy." What the hell are you talking about? In case you haven't noticed, Ade's the only female lead who's had less than 3 love interests this season.


Is it just me or both PJ and Caleb are just blehhhh.. :/


Felt bad for Ivy during the end. If I were her, I'd have slammed the door shut and ran.
I'm proud of Naomi. She deserves so much better. Years ago, she would have just went with it. I'm happy with how much she's developed.
Annie is just boring on the other hand. I get how her character has lost her sense of direction, but give her something to work with. The entire priest thing is a huge stretch.
I look forward to Adrianna's country music career. It's a different aim and more development of her character. I just hope Austin isn't a new challenge for love.
I couldn't care much for Navid, but I'm over dealing with him and Silver. I'm just gonna roll with it. I mean, I'm learning to like her and Liam and I could see her changing his character in a different way to Naomi and Annie, but I just hope that it goes Max and Naomi, Annie and Liam, Adrianna and Dixon, and Silver and Navid. Ivy forever alone for now.


Didn't really care that much about this episode because next week Max is coming back!!!! Woooh!


Naomi! I love her connection with PJ! But I really don't know if her cars about her or the money! but bringing Max back will be a real challenge!
Ade! I love pissed Ade! and Austin is kind a cute with her!
NaLiSil triangle! Boring! really sad that Silver is the worst whore ever! Such a perspective character in season 1 and 2! But they are ruining her the whole way! And who would say that Liam will sabotage NiLver!
Annie and Caleb! They are cute together!
Ivy! Some development but I love they aren't rushing things! and U can see she is hurt! Hahahah Caleb screwed her right!
One of the best parts of the show currently is the Annie&Naomi sisterhood!


I actually liked this episod... and i expected to hate it.. It seemed so ridiculous at first with the whole liam/silver thing. and the austin/adrianna thing but it wasnt as annoying as i though. and they handled the naomi storyline surpisingly well. i expected annie not tel tell naomi about the trust fund until the actual wedding but im glasd the cat was out of the beg right away. I like when 90210 shows subtle emotional scenes in the characters like the one with naomi and not unrelaistic dramatic emotional scenes (like the siam hookup in the last episode_


They never let Naomi be happy. 90210 is a waste of time. Who else was disappointed that Ivy didn't die surfing in a thunderstorm? LOL

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