90210 Shocker: Who is Returning with Major News?

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A certain someone from Naomi's past is on his way back to 90210, but not for the reason you might think.

CW sources confirm that Josh Zuckerman will reprise the role of Max on this drama's May 1 episode, but he isn't returning to win his ex back over. Quite the opposite, in fact: Max will be engaged to the bride whose wedding Naomi is hired to plan! Talk about awkwardness... to the Max!


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Naomi, of course, has a man of her own now. But will P.J. be enough comfort when faced with a returning, nerdy love?

Look for Max to appear on three episodes, including the May 15 finale.

With whom do you want to see Naomi?

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Is Maxomi going to re-unite, or Max will continue to marry that girl? :(


max was the best bf naomi ever had, he liked her for her not her looks and he was the only guy that ever rebuffed or challenged her


I hope Max would still be around next season, even as Naomi's best friend.


I reckon Naomi and Austin should get back together! They were totally the best! But I see Austin getting with Adrianna. That sucks :/


really? max is engaged to someone and so is Naomi att the same time? really? i mean seriously? what are the chances of that!?!? I know 90210 is pretty ridiculous but wow this easily steals the cake!


I really hope Max and Naomi get back 2gether they were one of the best couples 90210 ever had along with Ivy and Raj imo.
I hated it when they broke them up really hope they end up 2gether it would certainly make up 4 some of the really bad couple decisions the writers have made this season *cough* liam n silver *cough*


So far in my opinion, Max is the best BF Naomi ever had. just sayin'..


I think Max and Naomi as a couple was one of the best things 90210 ever did. I hope they find their way back together!


Max/Naomi, one of 90210's best couples!


yeay Max is back! But i doubt Maxomi will end up together tho.. :(

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.