90210 Spoilers: Love Triangle Alert!

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In case the latest 90210 episode did not make it clear, Jessica Stroup beats around nary a bush in a new interview with E! News:

"There is definitely going to be a love triangle with Silver, Liam and Navid," the actress says in the most recent edition of Spoiler Chat, adding:

"There's going to be some drama. The boys may actually fight, which makes me really happy, but as far as Liam and Silver, it's one of those things you've seen maybe brewing for a while. They're both good friends and whatnot and finally it picks up at the end of the season and I kind of love where it's going."

90210 does not air a new episode until April 24. Get a look at what's to come in the following promo and then sound off: Are you excited for this triangle?

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Bring back Austin! He was so hot and so in love with Naomi!


@Kookakicha: Max is coming back probably in the final episode.. i saw his photo with Naomi and a new girl (behind the scene).. another triangle maybe (man.. new showrunners loveee triangles).. ;p


Really guys? Silver and Liam? 90210 is really falling off its once good episodes. The first three seasons were amazing. I tjought they were really good but apparently they had to ruin everything they did in the first three seasons and make the fourth this way. I mean come on guys? Can't they do something that the fans want? Not silver and liam! Liam and annie, silver and navid, and naomi and ?.


To be honest, the Liam and Naomi were the best couple, always have been and always will be. Annie and Liam were awful together, she made him so boring! And now Silver? That's going to be equally as bad. I don't care who any of the characters are with as long as Liam and Naomi get back together.


Liam is such a ho. I hate this character so much. Silver is useless. Write them both off...


cant stand silver at this point! enough with the homee hopping already. she has already done this to one friend and now it appears to be a pattern where silver dates all the guys her so called friends are in love with. HELLO THINK ABOUT ANNIE! if silver is pregnant with liams baby i will forever be done w 90210, thats the last straw od crzy its aleady bad enough they slept togeitheir!


Miss Slutty Silver, just go to hell !


Bring back Max and Naomi and you will have me back as a viewer. I have stopped watching since that Austin awfulness (although he was hot indeed).
You will never get better than Naomi/Max, they were adorable and that's really a rare thing in shows nowadays.
Don't care about the rest. May be Dixon/Ivy would be good. That's it.


I'm kind of over this show. I havent watched it as regularly as I used to. A lot of the episodes make me roll my eyes at the absurdity of the plots.


Im really confused about silver's pregnancy! I saw some pictures of her with a baby bump maybe a month or two ago! And I thought the whole cancer test was to let her know of her condition, but there are only 4 episodes left this season and I don't know when exactly is silver going to appear pregnant! :/


I gave up my daughter for this?


How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]