90210 Spoilers: Love Triangle Alert!

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In case the latest 90210 episode did not make it clear, Jessica Stroup beats around nary a bush in a new interview with E! News:

"There is definitely going to be a love triangle with Silver, Liam and Navid," the actress says in the most recent edition of Spoiler Chat, adding:

"There's going to be some drama. The boys may actually fight, which makes me really happy, but as far as Liam and Silver, it's one of those things you've seen maybe brewing for a while. They're both good friends and whatnot and finally it picks up at the end of the season and I kind of love where it's going."

90210 does not air a new episode until April 24. Get a look at what's to come in the following promo and then sound off: Are you excited for this triangle?

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Casting another vote for Navid/Adrianna! I haven't been as impressed by any other chemistry like Lowndes and Steger. Forget Liam and Silver. Don't care!


On a further note, Silver gets pregnant. So will there be a paternity coming up? I imagine a possible hook-up between Navid and Silver within the next 2 episodes and her discovering she is pregnant in the finale without any idea who the father is.


This is 90210. All of them mingle together. No character can judge another as they've all jumped beds with one another. The only two that haven't hooked up are Navid and Annie and it wouldn't shock me if the writers pull that next season. As far as I am concerned, Liam and Silver will get there 4 episodes of fame up until some drastic storyline that pulls them apart. It's 90210, so it's bound to happen.


meh.. 'another' lame triangles..


�who ends�


Yes bring back Navade , I don't care how ends with Liam as long is not with Annie , Let him with Silver or Naomi
Dixon and Ivy
Silver and Liam
Navid and Adrianna
Naomi and a new guy
Annie dead XD .

Sarah silva

I am not sure, I think Dixon and Silver were the best together, I like Liam but for her to do that to Annie, but I guess they have dated within the circle before....but still.


Never been the same since navid and ade broke up
Arguably, they were 90210s best couple, ever

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.